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    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    My new favorite place to buy bras is Lavinia Lingerie, yes I did finally find several bras that fit and that are pretty, a little more expensive than the average bra but honestly I don't want to wear a bra that looks like I'm wearing my grandmother's bra. And I've come to learn during this great bra hunt, that some women are bottom heavy, demi bras and balconette bras fit better; some women are full size and all that extra room at the top they fit into; some are top heavy and a shelf bra fits them better and basically every women is different and not all bras are the same and apparently not all american manufacturers know this. In the words of Lavinia Lingerie, "We design our collection of lingerie and activewear with today’s dynamic woman in mind. While intimate apparel serves a function, it can also empower you. It all begins with a foundation." 

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    strangely I have gained almost 30 pounds in the last 6 months, far too much to be gaining and I contribute to a few things mainly my horrible diet, energy drinks to stay awake and lack of exercise since my I've started my masters program and working, I seem to never leave my desk or my chair and its seems that I hardly have time these days for normal things like cooking healthy dinners or going grocery shopping, let alone try to finish working on my house and I realize I've gotta change this routine, I need to balance school and work somehow and start exercising daily. I've always wondered about how to get from point A to point B using BART and a bike but I've never wanted to carry my bike on BART (and its odd times you can get on BART with your bike anyways) or deal with having to lock it up or lug it upstairs to whatever office building I'm working in and if you know anything about SF, most older building don't have elevators, anyways, I think I found a solution for the bike and BART issue - the folding bike, read a few reviews and I think I'm going with this one: Citizen Gotham Bike. Its on my list of things to buy soon (after I pay my bills of course) and after I start riding my own bike, which starts today, I'm going to check out Iron Horse Trail this afternoonish when it cools down a bit and then tommorrow will ride over to my doctor's office - the distance it about the same, I'm sure that I can ride 5 miles but we'll see how that goes. Last night I got on the treadmill for 30 mins, walked a distance of 2 miles and I started eating healthy again. This extra weight not only is hurting my back but my self-esteem took a nose dive and my energy level seems to be non-existence. Time for a change, its gotta go...bad bad extra weight..

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