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"Conversation. What is it? A Mystery! It's the art of never seeming bored, of touching everything with interest, of pleasing with trifles, of being fascinating with nothing at all. How do we define this lively darting about with words, of hitting them back and forth, this sort of brief smile of ideas which should be conversation?" Guy de Maupassant

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Earthquake and Tsunami Alert - Indian Ocean

An Earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale, with its epicentre 135 kms west of Car Nicobar has been reported. Tremors felt in the Andaman Islands, and Vishakhapatnam and Chennai. Tsunami alert in the Indian Ocean sounded by Thailand - but thankfully, the 1-1.5 hour period in which there is a rise in the level of sea and waves might have occurred is past, without any disaster. Kapil Sibal, Minister for Science and Technology says that India is therefore not issuing a tsunami warning.

Officials in Port Blair say no damage or loss to life or property has been reported, and there is no need to panic.


US geological official says its unlikely that there will be any tsunamis as a result of the earthquake.

Control room number in the Andaman Islands - +91-3192-232-100 in case there is anyone who has anything to report.

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