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 17 December 2003

Hidden Glasgow.

All the bits you never see.

Glasgow Survival

For those days when it’s all too much.

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Aussies are such good sports.

Campo paraded through streets of London

“Former Australian rugby union great David Campese walked down one of London's busiest shopping streets overnight wearing a sandwich board proclaiming: "I admit the best team won the Rugby World Cup.

Campese's gesture, which followed England's dramatic 20-17 final win over Australia in Sydney last month, was in aid of a charity appeal for London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and came about as a result of a comment he made before the tournament began.

The legendary winger said that if England won the World Cup he would walk down Oxford Street, which is particularly busy at this time of year with Christmas shoppers, in aid of charity. Afterwards Campese, who before the World Cup began, backed either France or New Zealand to emerge victorious, said none of the passers-by he met had been tempted to throw his words back at him.

"People here have been very good to me, despite what I've said about their rugby team. I've got a shop in Sydney, at the Rocks, and during the World Cup most of the people in there were English.

But the BBC were not so reticent, getting Campese to present England with their Team of the Year trophy at their Sports Personality of the Year award program on Sunday.

In his column for The Times on Monday, Campese wrote: "If people prove me wrong then I'm quite happy to hold my hands up. I can take it. I would be a hypocrite if I didn't."


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