Sunday, 15 January 2006

Talking Boony : VB Series Game 2

I've been keeping a record of what Talking Boony says during a game. I have tried to record all the comments and the time they were said. I think I got them all so far

time (aest) Talking Boony Said...
1:30 get me a vb the crickets about to start
2:30 wheres my beer
2:35 do you want a beer mate
2:45 beauty
2:50 donuts
3:30 nice
3:50 looked out from here ump
4:25 time for drinks mate
4:55 nice swing mate. that's gold in my book
5:10 oh it's a good feel, a very good feel
5:15 got any nachos. i want nachos
6:15 hey get me a vb, the crickets about to start
6:30 time for a test match
6:45 i'll drink to that
7:15 *laugh*
8:00 Today's codeword is BALL
8:45 anyone seen me thongs
9:40 how's that beer going
9:45 nice swing mate
10:00 i feel like playing totem tennis

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Talking Boony : VB Series Game 1

The first of the VB Series was played on Friday, and Talking Boony joined in the fun.

Things we heard him say on Friday 13 2006

  • Time to get a beer, crickets about to start
  • Got a beer yet ?
  • Show us a replay of that
  • Anyone seen my thongs?
  • When's the drinks break?
  • I'll drink to that
  • Got any nachos, I love nachos
  • Now get me a VB, the crickets about to start
  • Where's my beer!!
  • Nice Shot
  • Today's code word is bat
  • I feel like playing table tennis!!!

Talking Boony spoke before the game started, when the TV wasn't even on, so I suspect it has a timer chip in it and a bunch of progammed times to speak. Another dude noticed this too, as he had  his Boony at work. 

I purchased my Talking Boony on EBay and I got it just in time earlier this week.

Rob Irwin was wondering if anyone had hacked Talking Boony and an enterprising fellow even opened him up to investigate. So far the secret is still "out there"

Game 2 starts later today - I wonder what words of wisdom will come from Talking Boony today. I'm going to note the time he says stuff this time.

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