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 Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Email Redesign Not Helpful
Some have argued that we can address the spam problem by redesigning SMTP, the basic email-handling protocol used on the Net. Eric Rescorla rebuts that argument with a clear and cogent explanation of why the real problems lie elsewhere. Required... [Freedom to Tinker
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Hacker hit parade goes live
A list of the top security problems on the internet which is updated regularly has been published. [BBC News | Technology | World Edition
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Big News! New Google Operator
(Google Weblog) [Daypop Top 40
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The Web's Favorite Color
This site attempts to determine the Web's favorite color. Take a photo of your favourite colour - it works best if it's close-up so the colour fills the picture - and send in it... You can tell the colours of pictures people have sent in with the spectrum along the top of the page. The taller the bar, the more photos there have been. The bar also responds to the brightness of the pictures, so some bars are quite dim when the photos have all been dim. (via Right Ho!) [The J-Walk Blog
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Okay, if you don't like to think about porn, avert your eyes...
RSS in my heart. There's going to be a big for-pay business around sex movies delivered via RSS, using enclosures and Adam Curry's brilliant idea for time-shifted downloads. The algorithm is implemented in Radio, and probably no other aggregator, at this time. Instead of grainy little postage-stamp-size Quicktimes that take forever to download, you'll get full-screen digital movies and no click-wait. There's real money to be made here. [Scripting News
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Dan Gillmor
"I'm spending several days at the Vermont headquarters of the Howard Dean presidential campaign, studying a breakthrough in American politics." [Scripting News
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Using RSS 2.0 and RDF together
I've been working on a series of issue analyses for the RSS 2.0 site. One of the questions I've been wanting to explore is whether RDF might be used in conjunction with RSS 2.0, and if so how. Today, in the comments section of the site, Dan Brickley pointed me to the example I've been looking for. He writes:
This week, a new 'RSS and jobs' site is getting some interest. There is a similiar effort at (eg. see and an old example scenario that Libby and I worked on at

I hope we all agree that such applications are an exciting part of the future of RSS and RSS-like technology. To my mind, the big question is, how can we partition the work so that we have a Web of complementary namespaces which fit together to give us better descriptions in our XML feeds.

Looking at the feeds currently served by, all the structure is hidden, entity escaped, inside the 'description' tag. Date, job title, employer, location, blurb... all crushed into a single field.
Suppose you wanted to do an RSS 2.0 feed that would expose those job fields as first-class XML. And suppose further that you wanted to express the job data in terms of RDF. What might that look like? ... [Jon's Radio
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New Law Blogs Ahoy!!!
Robert Unterberger, a lawyer and legal writing instructor, has started a bevy of blogs: Law Student Writing Blog, Delaware Personal Injury Lawyer Blog, New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Blog, and Pennsylvannia Personal Injury Blog.   I'm guessing that Robert probably is a personal injury lawyer.  I'm also guessing that he is taking advantage of the newly relaxed FCC rules that allow for concentrated ownership of media.

Also, spotted on the horizon is a blog by C.E. Petit (also a practicing attorney) called Scrivener's Error.  His focus is on law and publishing from the author's often sarcastic perspective.

Steph over at BlueBlanket has a new blawg called The Blawg Review that focuses on new developments in academia, such as new law journal articles.

Finally, James Carruth is a 2L at BYU Law School and he has a blog that he'd like ya'll to know about.  Enjoy!

[Ernie the Attorney
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Syndigator is an RSS reader for Linux that uses the familiar three-pane layout. [
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