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 Wednesday, August 27, 2003
All Things Distributed: Web Services are NOT Distributed Objects
...Popular (misconceptions) are: "Web services is just RPC for the Internet", or "You need HTTP to make web services work". Below I will try to address a number of the more popular misconceptions....
[Roland Tanglao's Weblog
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Webalizer.conf hacking
I've been working on cleaning up my webalizer.conf file in order to get better statistics. Since I haven't seen anyone posting the following information, I figured I would, since it might interest people who are using the Webalizer stats tool. Adding the following lines to your webalizer configuration file (webalizer.conf) will allow you to get much cleaner reporting of user-agents.....
Enjoy! [ weblog
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Yahoo! News RSS Feeds Launched
This has been in the works for a while and it's finally up for for real. Visit for details. RSS is alive and well at Yahoo. Watch for more in the future. :-) Congrats and thanks to Jeff and team for making it happen!...
[Jeremy Zawodny's blog
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Practical Unix & Internet Security
Charles McColm writes "At just under 1,000 pages the 3rd edition of Practical Unix & Internet Security might look intimidating on the shelf, but a quick ... [Slashdot
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eBay to RSS Generator
Via Tareq Tujjar: "I have been a subscriber to the Lockergenome for almost 2 years. Being a dedicated GEEK myself I find the content to be very useful. I particularly appreciate the new website about RSS. It actually gave me the motivation to finish this eBay to RSS generator. It is a FREE utility that generates RSS feeds for your favorite eBay search. I have been testing it for the past 5 days, and it seems to be doing good. This is a BETA version and could still have some bugs. I built it using .NET without using the COSTLY eBay API. Therefore, I can offer it for free. Please check it out, and let me know if you have any suggestions."

By [Lockergnome's RSS Resource
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Wikis, blogs, IM and other collaborative tools are going through a variety of trial matings as part of a grand experiment that is searching for new utility. I've been very interested in blogs and email (more precisely rss+news aggregator email)...
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Distributed Wiki
Distributed Wiki is what you get when you take something like HTMLHelp and add Wiki-like editing capability and content synchronization via a central server or P2P.

More scattered bits.  Manuals as whiteboards and discussion forum.  Continually updated product documentation.  Kill view and sliding filter bar.  Admins updating and customizing contents especially terms by replacing generic terms with domain specific terms.  Local cache of content with updates trickling in and out.  Living documents.

Ray Ozzie's Groove is a good platform for this stuff.  ShareDoc.  HelpShare.  LiveHelp?

[Don Park's Daily Habit
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PopHeadlines supports RSS enclosures
[Scripting News
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Internet Sales Rise as Share of All Sales
Online commerce totaled $12.5 billion, or 1.5 percent of all sales, in the second quarter, the Commerce Department reported. By Bloomberg News.
[New York Times: Technology
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Finding Comfort in Strangers With an Online Diet Journal
Hundreds of overweight people are sharing detailed reports of their calories and cravings on self-created Web sites. By Amy Harmon.
[New York Times: Technology
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