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Saturday, September 20, 2003

So, if you're any kind of regular visitor (I think I have a few ;-) you'll see that once again I've change the theme. Days like today I wish I were a PaintShop Pro guru-kinda-gal but I'm not. So I have to make do with what's out there and it seems that the themes for Userland (as opposed to Manila) are a little on the scarce side. I seriously contemplated getting a Manila site at but $10/month just to have a theme that I would most likely get tired of in three or four months? And my long term plan is to move off of Userland hosting anyhow so if I go the Manila route, I'd be committed to that for the long term.

Anyhow, I've been wanting to add, well, what I would call "cutsie" stuff to this blog so today I took a stab at it. I've been envious of those blogs that have iTune and other such plug-ins that basically say what you've been listening to lately. I did track down BlogAmp (for WinAmp 2.x) which is fairly cool (though it doesn't handle streaming mp3 very well) and was recently pointed to this Windows Media Player macro that will grab the data from WMP and post it along with your Radio Userland entry (ala LiveJournal). It even might be pretty straight forward to do the same thing with WinAmp (I'm guessing a hack to the WMP macro combined with the DoSomething plug-in for WinAmp would do the trick).

I also hear that TrackBack is now available for Radio Userland and while it showed up briefly on before I changed themes, it's gone now... probably needs to have the macro added back in a template somewhere. And even more recently, Comment Notification was added.

In other blogging related news that's not related Radio Userland, it would seem that Google (who bought Blogger several months ago) now how's a "BlogThis!" tool -- similar to Radio's posting from the its news aggregator. If there's one for Movable Type out there somewhere, that will just about remove the last remaining reason for why I switched from MT to Radio ;-)

Oh, and unless you're really behind the times, you know all about the Monthly Archive macro, right!?


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Yes, I'm sure those of you who've been in the Oregon library community longer than me have known about this particular resource for a long time but I'm still the new kid on the block, okay? :-)

The Oregon State Library puts out a monthly newsletter: Letter to Libraries Online (LTLO)

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"Libraries are going into different kinds of programming, and they are becoming more community oriented," Corkett said.


She headed the Tualatin Public Library for three years before she was selected in June to replace Pam Williams, who retired from the West Linn job.

Corkett sees libraries as the place people learn to use new technology that opens up more information. Libraries also are sites for classes and cultural programs that enrich community life, she said.

To assure adequate funding for programs, Corkett plans to form a library foundation over the next few years to give supporters a specific place to send their money.

[read more @ The Oregonian]

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The second half of this article from the Oregonian covers even more about the recent closure of the Fossil Public Library, Oregon's smallest library.


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