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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I had what I would call my first successful session with a patron at I'm still having major connectivity issues with the hosting site but I actually helped someone tonight. And I didn't know the answer either. Thank goodness for Google's ability to do site searches. I figured out where the patron could login and what his default password was -- all for a library I've never been to! :-)
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Looking for Information: A Survey of Research on Information Seeking, Needs, and Behavior

This is the book I'm reading for LIS 510 / Information Behavior (University of Washington)

"About the Book:
Looking for Information presents examples of information seeking and reviews studies of the information-seeking behavior of both general and specific social and occupational groups: scientists, engineers, social scientists, humanists, policy experts, the aged, the poor, and "the public" in general.  It also discusses general research on information seeking, including basic research on human communication behavior as found in the literature of psychology, anthropology, sociology, and other disciplines."

[Read More @ ASIS&T Mailing List Archive]

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