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This weblog is dedicated primarily to the discussion of Education issues and policies, as well as to chronicling the author's experiences as an inner-city school teacher. These days, the education discussion is too much in the hands of ignorant politicians merely doing what they need to gain re-election, and not enough in the hands of knowledgable professionals with first hand experience.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I am at home today because the Governor of Georgia asked schools to close for today and tomorrow, presumably to prepare for a potential fuel shortage that would result from Hurrican Rita. We got the news on Friday afternoon that schools were going to be closed for two days. For my part, I thought it was over-reactive.  If anything, the announcement itself had the potential to cause a panic rush to the pump like we saw after Katrina. And what about the burden this has put on parents who now have to find something to do with their children for two days? The Governor appeared on CBS's The Early Show this morning and fielded pointed questions from Rene Syler (whom he called "Rita" during the broadcast) on his justification for the decision. Gov. Perdue says he took this "precautionary" action based of information his office had received. He did not elaborate on exactly what that information was or its source. I think this was unnecessary, nonetheless, and it's of course a bitter-sweet two days off because we will have to make them up one way or another. Sadly, the way my school district works, most likely only teachers will be making this day up, not students, through additional "teacher work days" tacked on to the end of the year. Believe it or not, this is how they have made up snow days and such in past years. So the students do miss instructional time, and the teachers are forced to show up for two days with literally nothing to do... Anyway, happy two days off, fellow Georgia teachers.

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