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  Sunday, May 09, 2004


Bad Money is now Bad Example. The new address is

Please update your links and/or bookmarks accordingly.

What's changing? The URL, the look, the software, the name, and the load time (much faster).

What's not changing? The graffiti currency, love notes, precision guided humor, filthy lies, and dirty-minded smart-assery.

I want to state for the record that Radio is not inherently bad blogging software. It's got some nice features, and I'm REALLY going to miss the WYSIWYG editing mode (I hope Movable Type is looking to add that in the future). It actually has most of the important features I wanted, but a couple of them didn't work right for me. Which leads me to the main reason I'm abandoning it. There's no real on-line tech-support to speak of, and not enough tech-savvy bloggers use it for there to be a useful place to turn for help. Which wouldn't be a problem, if it weren't for the fact that a lot of the features are highly non-intuitive. The learning curve is steep and painful. I won't miss that.

With MT, there's a HUGE community of people who know the ins and outs. If I have a problem, there's no shortage of folks with the wisdom and inclination to help out. Since I'd rather be blogging than tweaking, this is a valuable feature for me, and the main reason for the switch.

Some parting gratitude:

Mike Taylor, aka The Bartender of Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon, for doing all the heavy lifting to get my new site up and running. He really knows his stuff on blog design. Despite the gruff persona he presents at the Saloon, he's a cuddly little fuzzball to work with and will stop at nothing to give you exactly what you want.

Pam of Pamibe, who did the graphics & logos, including the gorgeous banners. Incredibly talented at creating images. I have no idea where she found the time, but she did, and I am eternally grateful.

To Pixy Misa of Ambient Irony, who provides the site hosting. His generosity knows no bounds, and he bends over backwards to help with problems, whether technical or merely (as in my case) user ignorance.

To Susie of Practical Penumbra, who's been oh-so-sweetly & gently encouraging me to move for the longest time. Patient, yet insistent, she made it easy to finally say "yes" to MuNu.

To Jen of Jen Lars. When I said, "I'll bet you can't leave 100 comments", she led the charge to make it happen. I thought it would take days or weeks. I almost cried when I saw it took less than an hour.

Honorable mention in the "push Harv to MuNu brigade" goes to Tiffany of Blown Fuse, Jim of Snooze Button Dreams, CD of Semi-Intelligent Thoughts, and Nony Mouse.

To Eric of Straight White Guy, who dedicated "Mr. Bad Example" to me at Madfish Willie's Comment Party and provided the inspiration for the new blog's name. In case anybody's wondering, I chose not to use the "Mr." part for 2 reasons. First - better continuity - still two words, and only one changed. Second, well... truth is, having a blog name that begins with "B" gives me a certain positional advantage on alphabetized blogrolls, which leads to slight, but noticable, traffic results from people who are out surfing at random. It's something I didn't consider when I first picked "Bad Money" but it's something new bloggers might want to think about.

To all the delightfully sick, twisted, and or silly people who kept linking, commenting, and visiting, despite my hideously long load time, I thank you. Your patience has been rewarded. You will now be able to read my crap on the same day you click the link.

Final thought. When I first started blogging, I thought it was going to be all about seeing my words in print, and if someone wanted to read what I wrote, that was great, but secondary. Over the last 10 months or so, I found out that the best thing about blogging was the people I met and the friends I made. This was very strange for me, because I'm not exactly a social butterfly.
I don't like most of the people I meet on a day to day basis. But blogging transcends geography, and distance means nothing on line. The kind of people I've wished I could meet out in the world are all here, and they stop by my virtual living room every day. We talk or flirt, get drunk or tease, share happiness & misery, and generally make each other's lives better for spending the time together. Blogging's the most fun you can have with you're clothes on.

Not that I don't occasionally blog nekkid ;-)

See you at Bad Example.

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I'm gonna go ahead & buy myself a peck of trouble here and explain my votes in the IMAO T-shirt Babe contest.


There were 2 parts to the contest. One was a "hawkish statement" and the other was a picture of the contestant. I gave them both 0-10 ranking for each contestant, and added up the scores to determine the winner. I lost the little post-it note with the numbers on it, so you'll have to do without that. I'm also not going to mention the 15 girls I didn't vote for. Suffice it to say they didn't appeal to me as much in one category or another.

First place: Heather. (contestant #10) She has an amazing way with words, and her essay showcased her talent well. Her picture -  my goodness, but the lady has a pretty face and gorgeous hair. I'd be inclined to pay money for anything that was displayed below it.

Second place: Willow. (contestant #1) Firm, resolved, hawkish statement. Cheated on the essay length by including a link, but I read the rest & it made such a good point, I didn't care. Coquettish, seductive picture. I think she hacked into my computer and read the file marked "bar wench fantasy".

Third place: Reva. (#16) A conservative politically active Berkeley student? Having been a Libertarian at UW-Madison (which is exactly like UC Berkeley, except State Street doesn't allow car traffic, and Telegraph Avenue does), this one carried a lot of weight. As for the picture, it showed a lot of attitude, and (I shall be blunt here) a rack that was built for selling T-shirts.

Fourth place: Carissa (#18) Good essay, pretty face, and nice display of T-shirt supporting assets. The finger-biting pose made me *ahem* perk up.

Fifth place: CCinCali (#11) Good essay - loved the image of Michael Moore as a literal human shield - and a smile that makes Marie Osmond look like Oscar the Grouch. Not to mention built for T-shirts.

The others... well... some of the essays weren't hawkish at all. Some were a hawkish to the point of insanity. I was looking for something determined, but not vicious.

The pictures... There's no gentle way to say this. It takes either a great set or a pretty face to be a model. Although I will state unequivocally that none of the ladies were hard to look at, I must also say that a lot of the pics weren't posed to do a good job of showing off what the model had to offer. I took off points for that.

Having said all that, I now congratulate SarahK of Mountaineer Musings on winning the contest. The gun was an inspired touch, and won a lot of hearts and minds. The truth is, if you want to win an IMAO contest, it's better to be different than great. Creativity is the key to victory. Jot that down and remember it well if you ever want to be a Frank J. winner.
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