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Friday, June 9, 2006

The biggest obstacle to large scale implementation of wireless sensors in manufacturing is the battery. If you are going to put sensors in hard-to-reach areas, then you don't want to have to go back often and replace batteries--for example a vibration sensor on every motor in every hidden location.

If this product works as billed, it is truly a breakthrough in that application. British company Perpetuum has launched "the world's first truly effective" vibration energy harvester to power wireless and battery-free devices capable of sending large amounts of data from many types of industrial equipment. The PMG7 high-performance microgenerator enables users to power sensors, microprocessors and transmitters for accurately monitoring the condition of plant equipment and machinery without the need for batteries, expensive cabling or maintenance. The easy-to-install solution is now available to OEMs, sensor manufacturers and end-users in all industries, allowing them to make significant cost savings.

The microgenerator converts kinetic energy from the vibration of the equipment running at mains frequency (50 or 60Hz) into electrical energy. It can generate up to 5mW which is enough to power a wireless transmitter sending up to 6Kbytes of critical data every few minutes, or smaller amounts of data - such as a temperature reading - several times a second. It is a practical device which can operate in most industrial environments and at minimal vibration levels (25mg).

RLW Inc of State College, Pa., selected the Perpetuum microgenerator to power its S5NAP wireless sensor nodes. These devices have been used to demonstrate that the PMG7 can readily provide the necessary energy for even the most demanding sensor applications such as accelerometers.

Perpetuum, a spin-out company from the University of Southampton, was founded in 2004.

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Today's the kick off of the World Cup. Two games at ESPN at 12 and 3. Hmm, maybe me and my laptop in front of the big screen TV? The US plays its first game Monday, 11 EDT, I think that translates to 8 am in Phoenix where I will be comfortably (almost, anyway) sitting in one of those conference hall chairs blogging while Jack Bolick and others deliver opening keynotes at the Honeywell Users Group. Hey Erik, you're a soccer guy. A great thing would be to put the US game live on one of the big screens while the keynoters talk and are shown on the other. I can multitask!!

I let the other couples that we're traveling to Alaska with pick the cruise dates. Big mistake! I'll be arriving in Vancouver when the US plays its second match and will be somewhere in the middle of nowhere during the third match. At least I'll be home to watch us in the finals.
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