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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tony responded to my Business Week post. He likes online for indepth reporting. But then he also cites user reviews. I think the reviews are great on places such as Amazon.com (I have made good use of these on several purchases). I still like longer pieces better in print than online. For example, I like the deep reporting in The Atlantic. Regardless, though, I'm not impressed with the BW redesign. But these things go in design cycles. Our art director at AW would like to design one of those news pages where you have 10-15 items with a sentence or two each. Evidently design people like those now. I tell him, "Oh, another one of those pages that looks nice but says nothing, huh?" Guess we all need a balance.

By the way, just added Tony's blog to my reader. It's new, and interesting.

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