Friday, September 08, 2006

Remotely Possible

The latest innovation in airline security:

LAX Launches Remote Check-In
Passengers will be able to drop off luggage and get boarding passes at sites throughout the city.
By Jennifer Oldham
Times Staff Writer

September 9, 2006

Instead of hauling bags, strollers, skis and other items through long lines at ticket counters to check them on airplanes, LAX passengers will be able to drop off luggage and obtain boarding passes at locations throughout the city, under a program announced Friday.

Officials hope that the program will revolutionize how passengers use Los Angeles International Airport and will eliminate an inconvenience for travelers and decrease the security risk presented by long lines at ticket counters and at skycap stands. Experts have long said travelers in these lines are vulnerable to a luggage or car bomb attack.

Now if only they would offer flights from remote sites throughout LA.

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