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Saturday, March 05, 2005


 It's a great relief for me. Finally the sleepless night for past couple of months is going to be over for me. Being the Product Manager for the EJB Container for Oracle Application Server Development Team, I have been working like a mad man for past couple of months to make sure that we have everything right for the EJB 3.0 Preview. All our developers involved in this release are in the same boat.


When we started planning our EJB 3.0 implementation we wanted to make sure that this is not yet another EJB3 preview release but provide a robust and feature-rich EJB3 implementation that developers can use for building EJB3 applications now without having to wait for another year


We set the following goals for the preview:


  • EJB3 is a reality and not just a specification. Developers can build EJB3 applications now using a reliable EJB Container and Persistence engine (TopLink) that implements most of the features from EJB3 Early Release Draft2 specification. This will allow developers to try out EJB 3.0 now and give feedback to the EJB 3.0 Expert Group that we are going in the right direction.


 This establishes the fact that Oracle is a major contributor to the EJB 3.0 specification and is a major player in the J2EE area and should not be written off!


  • EJB 3.0 addresses concerns of backward compatibility and interoperability with earlier releases of EJB applications. We wanted to demonstrate that a part-wise migration of applications is possible without impacting the whole infrastructure.
  • Address the concern that EJB 3.0 persistence API is NOT yet usable outside the EJB container.
  • Address the FUD that EJB 3.0 entities are still not testable outside container.
  • Make EJB 3.0 features usable with JDK 1.4 with XML deployment descriptors without having to migrate to J2SE 5.0.
  • Significant resources on EJB3 are available for developers without having to read the EJB3 specification.


We have provided Javadoc for all EJB3 annotations and significant number of how-to/demos to make sure that developers have all resources that enables them to start building their EJB3 applications now.


If you find any product issues or have a question with the EJB3 preview you can post this on OTN forum or send me an email. If you have any feedback on the EJB3 specification please send that to JSR220 mailing list.


Bye for now!

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