18 April 2005

I have a colleague here who insists on wandering over to my notebook while I'm not at my desk and typing things like "Tosser", and "You Smell" and other such assorted niceties in notepad. It's very childish. How do you cope with such childish debased pranks and slurs on your personality in the workplace?

With Shock and Awe tactics of course! Introducing the InsultMonger. Run up this little baby in Internet Explorer and you can cut and paste insults right back at the muppet all day long. Done right it soon becomes the libellous version of Carpet Bombing - I love it!


4:35:36 PM    

Here's a weird one that's been driving us nuts in the office. Microsoft don't even know an answer and prefer the "it's a bug in .NET" explanation. Well, that's not quite true - they did send through a fix, but it  didn't work - go figure!

We have an application that needs to do a Post over HTTPS to a remote server. Because it's all secure we have client side certificates in place, and the server (which isn't ours by the way) has a copy of this to verify we are who we say we are. The problem is as soon as the request stream is closed or flushed, .NET throws a fit with "Cannot access a disposed object named 'System.Net.TlsStream'". Absolutely no idea here how to get around this - any of you seen this before?



3:22:34 PM    

Far more interesting than the availability of VS2005 Beta 2 is the fact that Microsoft have now also made Beta 2 of the Express tools available here. This of course includes Visual Web Developer Express, Visual Basic Express, Visual C# Express, Visual C++ Express, Visual J# Express and SQL Server 2005 Express. You don't need an MSDN membership to download them either.



12:34:48 PM    

...compared to Blue Gene/L, anyway. There's a great story up at the BBC today on Blue Gene/L, the current computing speed record holder. The machine uses a stunning 130,000 processors running in parallel, producing 135 terraflops of raw power and a theoretical limit of 360 terraflops. Fantastic to see someone at last come out with a machine capable of running EverQuest II.


10:57:24 AM    

Michael Hyatt, a pretty vocal Tablet PC advocate and blogger, has just posted up a blog entry on why he has ditched Tablet PC and switched to the Mac. He had a number of gripes but by far the biggest was the OS - he just felt that Windows was a pain in the rear and a struggle to work with, and the Mac is better.

Interestingly this comes a few months after renowned author, and former fellow Wrox-er, Richard Grimes also publicly announced that he's had enough of Microsoft, and in particular .NET, and is dropping it for good. Even more interestingly, I had a cool chat with an MVP friend (name withheld) about the Macintosh last week. Seem's he's curious to know more about the development environment on the Mac and just what the machine is like to live with from a techie point of view. He asked me since I've recently bought another Mac (I foolishly sold all my Macs ready for the move to the States - doh), and I've been developing like crazy on it.

Do we see a trend yet? Do high profile community figures represent the crest of a significant wave for Microsoft?


Update: Rob Bushway also made a post about just how much he loves his Mac.

9:46:48 AM    

If you are one of the people lucky enough to have spent a 4 figure sum on MSDN universal, you can download Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2005 today. (Incidentally, how come the same level of developer support from Apple only costs 500 bucks and pretty much delivers the same level of content?)


9:40:41 AM    

Just read over on Rob Bushway's blog that Acer have discontinued their little C110 line of tablets.  That's pretty sad - no idea why they have done it, but I can only assume that it is in response to declining sales. The C110/111 was a neat machine. Small, light, easy to lug around, great in tablet mode. I was very fond of mine, but hearing this news today I'm glad I offloaded it on Ebay a couple of months back before the inevitable used-market price crash that's bound to happen now.


9:39:18 AM