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 Monday, November 14, 2005
Evening at the Adler Video Download Now Available
video_download.jpgThe very highly anticipated video from the recent Evening at the Adler / Mac Developers shindig went live as of a few minutes ago (Sunday, 8:40 PM MST) - via a boatload of distributed HTTP servers as well as a bit torrent feed which you can find here.

This video features a unique group of top tier Mac developers talkin both shop and industry at the event. DB - Fantastic job, your efforts are sincerely appreciated!

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Why Did ROKR fail and RAZR didn’t? Call it the iPod effect.
images.jpgThe ever insightful Om Malik pens a great piece entitled The iPod Influence talking about the changing culture in the consumer electronics business where people are starting to finally wake up to the fact that yes, design does matter and more importantly, design is NOT how something looks, but rather how the designers approached solving the problem at hand.

From the article:

how much does design really matter? Consider this: Motorola sold about 250,000 Rokr phones in the third quarter of 2005. During the same period, its sleek cousin the Razr sold an impressive 6.5 million units. Why? Not because of the Razr’s ability to play tunes. The Razr became a must-have icon largely due to its looks; as with the iPod, consumers bought the $400 Razr because of its elegant design.

Call it the iPod effect. Apple, which has sold 25 million units of its popular music player so far, has had a huge impact on product design in the consumer electronics industry at large. Now, perhaps more than any other industry, the world’s cell-phone makers are using the iPod to inform the design of their latest models.

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Passion is Blind
A fun and true piece about how having passionate users is a lot like having a get out of jail card for your product or service with a heavy Mac focus.
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