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Ize Bernard presents: The (ib)BuGGin Podcast
Home to...Ize Bernard's current EDM focused podcast '(ib)BuGGin and his longstanding top rated eclectic podcast of "fresh beats for your head nodd and body move cravings..." as his alias Prez Ike, 'Indelible Beats'..."I ain't your personal mp3 player on shuffle..."

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sup all...

So, under my new alias, Ize Bernard, who will be focused on straight up edm mixes and production, versus the more hip-hop, eclectic and space disco-ish mixes and production of Prez Ike please enjoy this new edition of...


Restyled (since apparently, I like being a poser..haha), and re-envisioned as a more diverse mix of minimal, deep tech, tech and other forms of edm (as stated earlier), while keeping it to a minimum on the vocal tip.

Hope you enjoy this edition as it also includes a new Ize Bernard track, 'Bail Me Out' (take a guess what that's all about) I've been working on.

I also plan to bring in guest DJs and performers to spin for the podcasts to bring an even more diverse selection of music and styles, and perhaps increase the number of episodes this way.


- Ize

Download Ize Bernard - (ib)BuGGIn Vol. 003 in mp3

Intrusion - 'Intrusion (CV313 Reduction)' [Echospace Detroit]
Andre Gardeja & M. Schatz - 'Love Blabla' [Freizeitglauben]
Minimono - 'Ratman (Hugo Remix)' [Tuning Spork]
The Pitchers - 'Bo Bo' [Quepo]
Sascha Dive - 'Afensis House (Instrumental Mix)' [Deep Vibes]
Johnny D - 'Tramodyssee' [Oslo]
Christian Burkhardt - 'Contemporary Box' [Oslo]
Frank Lorber, Bernd Maus & Erik Besier - 'Tres (Stripped Down Dub Version)' [Nummer-Schallplatten]
Format: B - 'Something Suitable' feat. Jake [Highgrade]
Osborne - 'Bout Ready to Jak (Ryan Elliot Remix)' [Spectral Sound]
Morgan Geist - 'Detroit (c2rmx2 by Carl Craig)' [Environ]
Ize Bernard - 'Bail Me Out (Instrumental Mix)' [Unreleased]
Frankie - 'Fluid' [Faste]
Sierra Sam - 'Crisis (Bloody Mary "Daily Crisis" Remix)' [Nomor]
Lemos & Tonny Lasar - 'Cali In Love (Mri Rework)' [Resopal Red]
Homm & Popuviciu - 'Urban Ballroom' [Highgrade]
Brett Johnson - 'Twiddle Sticks' [Frankie Rec]
Ryan Crosson - 'Confiteria del Molino (Original Mix)' [Wagon Repair]
Seth Troxler - 'Love Never Sleeps' [Crosstown Rebels]
Jus-Ed - 'Bridgeport Chant' [Underground Quality]
Basic Channel - 'Q1.1/IV' [Basic Channel]

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