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Friday, February 1, 2002

At Dave's request, I started a new category for documenting my ongoing Radio development work. It's rendered in HTML here, and you can subscribe to it by clicking this link.
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Looks like Mark Woods came to the same conclusion we did about WSDL:
"The single biggest problem I had was working out the protocol for each individual invocation and the required sequence of calls. It turned out to be only two calls, but there were many more available and I was unclear on which ones I really needed to perform. WSDL is of no help there; I think it is strictly a documentation issue.

"The Lesson I learned was that some kind of human-readable documentation, retrievable from a guessable location is really neccessary before an outsider can work with somebody else's web services."

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Radio WiredFool: "Yahoo is starting to annoy me. I click on an ordinary email message from an aggregator or a message list and get redirected to low grade x10 porn. It's not that I object to porn, I object to bad porn masquerading as an advertisement."
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Matthew Peterson: "In creating a Unix-based operating system with a refined user interface, Apple has delivered an operating system that previously might have been installed on server-oriented hardware and used by computer professionals. This leads one to ask: Does Apple's Mac OS X Unix/Aqua blend make a good choice for the home family computer?"
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