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Sunday, February 10, 2002

Scripting News: "Eve Andersson shares what she learned about VCs at Ars Digita. Summary: Murphy's Law applies to financing too."

As I scanned this, my speech-center insisted on replacing VCs with Vampire Capitalists. Probably has as much to do with my past life as a professional musician as anything else.
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Repeat of the same test, with the categories feature enabled.

That worked. Now an edit...
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Having taken a break, and come back after midnight, I've discovered that Radio still does what I expected it to do on my machine, when making the first post on a new day. Now does this post break as Garth described? (If so, then it won't appear in my archive.)

Update: Well, guess what -- it is in my archive, and I did nothing special except hit the Post To Weblog button. Now, if what Garth says is true, then when I click the Post button, then this text won't appear on my home page, but it will appear on my archive page... We'll see in a sec...
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This is again the first post on a new day. Garth sent me some info -- he says on his machine, with the exception of the first post for a given day, new posts make it onto the home page, but not into the archive, and edited posts make it into the archive, but not onto the home page. Let's see if I can reproduce this behavior...
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