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Saturday, February 23, 2002

According to Blogzilla, Blogger Pro requires MSIE, at least right now. When viewing the Blogger Pro site with Mozilla, you'll see this message:
"Also: Before you read on and then get annoyed later, we notice you're using a browser other than IE. If you're not able to use Internet Explorer 5.x on Windows or Macintosh, Blogger Pro won't work for you yet. This is because we are building a new, more robust interface (which will support all newish mostly standards-compliant browsers), so we can't afford to invest in multiple versions of the interim interface."

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David Brown is continuing to improve his Python Tool.
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Here's a new little lick: You can now get a counter for the number of comments people have posted, in response to your weblog posts. See the number after the "comment" link below? That's the number of responses to this very post.

Here's how to get your very own comment counters:

First, update Radio.root. Then go to the Comments prefs page. Scroll down to the Comment text field, and add a <%commentCount%> macro.

When your home page is re-published, you'll have comment counters. Easy, huh?
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