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Saturday, February 9, 2002

I looked at the code, and it seems like there may be a possibility that the categories feature is masking a bug. This post is made with the categories feature turned off. If it appears on my archive page, then I need to keep digging...
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Simon tells me that he's using the 1-button editor, and that the first post for a given day generates an archive page, but that later posts on the same day don't. If that's the case, then you'll see this post on my home page, but not on the archive page.
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Strange -- that worked too. I clicked Publish, with no post in the edit box, and the home page was rendered. Then a few seconds later, as expected, today's archive page was rendered, and so was my RSS file. Something tells me that I'm barking up the wrong tree. Time to go look at the code...
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That worked too -- I got an updated home page, and the corresponding (new) archive page for 2/9/2002. Then a few seconds later, as expected, the previous archive pages for this month were all re-rendered, so their calendars would include a link to 2/9/2002. Hmmm...

What if I just use the Publish function -- do I get an archive page then? Let's try it. First, I'm going to use the Post button to post this text without publishing, and then I'm going to click the Publish button to publish the home page. The software should be smart enough to publish today's archive page as well...
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Ok. That seemed to work correctly -- nothing was published -- no home page, and no archive page. Now, this is my second post for today, and I'm going to click Post & Publish. I should get both a new home page, and a new archive page...
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Working on fixing an elusive bug. Under some circumstances, the archive page doesn't get updated, when making a new post. This is my first new post for today, so let's see if I get an archive page for 2/9/2002 after clicking the Post button. (Note: I'm using the "3-button" UI, and I'm clicking Post, not Post & Publish.)
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