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Monday, May 13, 2002

MetaFilter thread on the 5.2 earlier tonight.

Steve Zellers says he's been here 14 years and will never get used to them. Gotta agree with that so far.

Ev says it's his fault.
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Magnitude 5.2

Just felt an earthquake here, about 15 minutes ago. The USGS site says it was a magnitude 5.2 about 75 miles South of where I'm sitting. It didn't shake enough here to knock anything over, but it was more than enough to get this Kansas City boy's heart pumping. Also enough to get me out of my desk chair, and into a doorway.

Glen Campbell is 10 miles away, and "it sure rattled the walls for about 5-10 seconds."

BurningBird felt it too. So did Paul, Spencer, Sheri, Andrew, Andreas, Jenn, Jessie, Donnovan, Edward, Sew, Matthew, Honan, Gretchen, Peter, Chris, Craig, Walt, ...
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