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Monday, May 20, 2002

My subscriptions list now has little miniature XML buttons and coffee mugs. To view the source for a channel, click the XML button. To subscribe to a channel, click the coffee mug. To view the channel's home page, click on its name.
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The opml file I'm using to generate my blogroll now can contain macros which will get expanded at render time. The one I've added so far is a call to <%radio.html.drawNavigatorLinks ()%>, which makes my other navigation links appear to merge with the blogroll links.

Also, after making a tiny change to my renderer, I'm able to point at the mySubscriptions.opml file in my gems folder, and generate the links to channels I'm subscribed to, which appear under my calendar at the right. It would be nice to have XML buttons and coffee mugs next to those links, but as a proof-of-concept, it works as-is.

I wonder what other macros might make sense in my blogroll.opml...
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MS Cites National Security to Justify Closed Source [via Slashdot]
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Mark Woods: A Busy Writers Guide to Radio Renderers.
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Jeremy Bowers: "Now... let's see Microsoft match that sort of performance."
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Rick Klau suggested using a folder of OPML files to generate a blogroll. Each file would be rendered as a category of links. But I think it should be even easier than that.

OPML already has the notion of hierarchy, so there's no need to push the hierarchy out into the filesystem. Each category would be a top-level heading (a summit), and its links would be subordinate headings. Of course, there's no reason that you couldn't use multiple OPML files -- if a summit is a link to another OPML file, then the contents of the linked file would constitute the category's links.
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Thanks for the ETag explanation, Simon.
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