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Friday, May 31, 2002

Mark Pilgrim has a Python script for getting the RSS URL from a site's link element: "autorss.py [is] a Python script to find a site's RSS feed. It can be used programmatically or on the command line."
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Scripting News: "A new macro and howto shows Radio users how to add a link element to weblog and category home pages, pointing to their associated RSS feeds. The equivalent feature is now available for Manila."
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U.C. Berkeley Weblogs Class

U.C. Berkeley Weblogs Class. "In this class students will create a Weblog to explore the subject of 'intellectual property' - copyright issues, the battle over free music downloads and peer-to-peer networks, deep linking to Web sites, etc." [via Scobleizer Radio Weblog]
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Contra Costa Times: Goodwin's gamble leaves Giants with no chance for rally. "Let's give Tom Goodwin credit for being honest. In hindsight, he said it wasn't such a wise move trying to advance to third with the Giants trailing 1-0 and Barry Bonds ready to step to the plate for some potential ninth-inning magic... 'That's probably the first time I've ever tried that play,' said Goodwin, who walked against Byung-Hyun Kim and stole second before David Bell grounded to third baseman Craig Counsell to put the [double-]play in motion. 'With Barry on deck I don't know what I'm thinking.'"

We'll have to see what the Giants can pull off against the very hot Colorado Rockies tonight.
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Slashdot: KPNQwest Files for Bankruptcy. "KPNQwest owns the most important fibre backbone in Europe. Apparently they are not planning on switching off their network, but without maintenance it will probably slowly degrade." Press release.
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Brent Sleeper: "Now, things would be double-plus-good if OmniOutliner -- or even PowerPoint -- would support 'Save As...' OPML."
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John Robb on RadioPoint: "I just built a presentation about RadioPoint online presentations. Check it out. It took me 5 minutes to install the tool, make the presentation, and share it with you."
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Jean-Pierre Hebert: "The closer a relationship UserLand and Google will have, the more we shall all gain. They might even succeed together where netscape failed."
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Brent Simmons: "Why did we send Rumsfeld instead of Powell to Pakistan and India?... It's like sending Worf instead of Picard."
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Scripting News: "The RadioPoint Tool turns the outliner into a presentation authoring program... As weblogs are showing up at conferences, it makes sense to integrate presentation software into the weblog software. Create your slides before-hand, link the presentation to your weblog so people can get a preview. No need to bring a laptop, just find a Web browser on stage, click on the link, and start talking."
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NYT: State Dept. Advises 60,000 Americans to Leave India.
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Slashdot: Google Programming Contest Winner
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NYT: Bush's Decision on Oil Angers Californians.
In Washington on Wednesday, President Bush sat next to his brother Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida, and vowed to spend $235 million to buy a number of highly unpopular oil leases in a state where his brother is running for re-election and that handed him the presidency in 2000 by the slimmest of margins.

Jeb Bush acknowledged that he would probably gain politically from the plan. But he and the president insisted that it was also sound policy because the move would protect beaches and wetlands.

Protecting wetlands makes a convenient excuse for handing out political favor, but it doesn't add up in my book. I smell a rat. (A rat who looks an awful lot like Alfred E. Newman.)
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Adam Curry: "Jetsons, here I come."
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