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Daily Permalink Friday, June 27, 2003

1,000 transactions per second and it stayed up. Whew. Yeah, it's a .NET site running ASP.NET on Windows servers. I'll try to find out more about the infrastructure.

Speaking of the Professional Developer Conference, registration is now open.

This will probably be Microsoft's most important developer conference of the decade. Why? Let's see. New OS. New SQL Server. New Visual Studio. And a lot of other new things to discuss. I don't see this convergence of new technology happening again for quite some time.

Not to mention the weblogging fun we'll all have!

Chris Brumme has another .NET tome. I wish I understood everything he writes. But, I'm still working on chapter three of "Learning C#." Ahh, I see that Slashdot used his blog against him and against Microsoft.

Now he says "Iím nervous that this new blog will be quoted somewhere as evidence that managed applications cannot be reliable.

I don't remember confirming anything regarding IE/Windows, but JD says I did. JD, can you clarify? I thought I was pretty clear that I wasn't able to discuss anything about the future of Windows or Internet Explorer until the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference happened in late October.

Dare chimes in on why he's supporting Echo. He's the author of RSS Bandit, a nice RSS news aggregator.

I'm trying to absorb what's going on with Echo (aka "the-replace-RSS-with-something-that-Dave-Winer-doesn't-control" project).

OK, so you're gonna get Winer out of your lives. I'm still not sure how that improves my life.

I took Patrick to our first Seattle Mariner's game tonight. The Mariner's are good. They made their first error in nine games tonight, but only after the game was safely in the bag.

It's weird cheering for Ichiro instead of Bonds. I felt a little dirty. But, I got into it by the third inning.

The weather is absolutely stunning right now. The Mariners play in SafeCo Field, which has a large retractable roof. The roof was open tonight.

I miss Pac Bell park, though. There's something special about that place.

National Telemarketer Do Not Call Registry starts today.

I'm not gonna join the list. Why? It'll give someone my phone number. Plus, it'd remove the joy I get of hanging up on these guys.

TechTV's Corbin Report: NEC Tablet vs. Apple PowerBook

Thanks to the hardest-working-Tablet-marketing-machine-that-isn't-getting-paid-by-Microsoft Christopher Coulter for sending me this and many many other links.

Tim writes about getting pointed to by Dave regarding the Echo project to come up with new weblogging APIs.

My take on it? I seriously doubt Echo will do much interesting. Why? Committees rarely do anything interesting. It's the mythical man month idea again. The more people you throw at a problem, the less likely you are to get a solution to the problem.

But, humans aren't predictable, so there's a chance that I'll be pleasantly suprised!

Tommy says I'm wrong about Tablets and Digital Photography.

I have a Toshiba with a gig of RAM and a 1.3GHz processor. It runs Photoshop just fine and I have a 5MP camera. Each image on my camera is 2.5 MB. You don't need a real killer machine to run Photoshop. That's a major myth.

On the other hand, my friend Robert Lantry tells me he hates using his Tablet for Photoshop. Not because it isn't fast enough, but because hard-core Photoshop users need the keyboard to use all the hot keys.

I gotta add myself to the Seattle weblogs.

Joel has a nice page of funny quotes about the computer industry.

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