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Daily Permalink Saturday, December 06, 2003

The banner isn't centering properly. I wonder what I'm doing wrong in CSS. I just have a DIV with the image in it. Then I set that DIV with the #banner in my CSS style sheet. Grr, I can't play with it anymore. Anyone know the right way to center something in CSS? My CSS stylesheet is here.

I must have missed it, but a few weeks back Carl put up a cool free video where he teaches how to write a sockets program in VB.NET. The video (a Flash capture of his screen) was done with Camtasia. That looks like an awesome way for me to show you Longhorn concepts.

Carl Franklin and I had dinner last night and he had a brain storm about making a tool that lets him build user interfaces in layers. He wanted to know who to talk to on the Visual Studio team to see if they are interested. I said "put it on your blog cause more Visual Studio program managers are likely to see it that way than if I went over to building 42 and went door-to-door. He took me up on that and here's his idea.

LinuxInsider says that next year Linux is going to make big inroads on the desktop.

I owe the new banner to David Shadle, master designer at Microsoft. I like it!

OK, I'm outta here for the weekend. We're driving down to Silicon Valley in the morning. Maryam's mom is having brain surgery on Monday at Stanford Hospital and Maryam will stay down there for a while taking care of her and she needs a car.

Hey, that means I'll be alone at home next week. Anyone got some fun things to do? Weblogger dinners? User group meetings?

What do you think of the new look?

I moved my comments back to UserLand technology. Dave, I miss the RSS feed that I got from Haloscan. Also, Haloscan gave me control over my comments. I could delete spam comments. I could also see the IP address of each comment poster (some people would post under different names to try to make their points look more important).

I also wish that Radio's comments would be embedded into a web page like Type Pad's comments are.

Personally, I really rather people get their own weblogs and point to me. I'll point back and continue the conversation. That way the whole thing is decentralized and you build up your own Google Power and all that too.

Who knows, maybe I should just open a real NNTP newsgroup up?

Steve Gillmor of eWeek says that RSS is going to let Apple and Sun challenge Microsoft's Office.

I think he's half right.

RSS could disrupt Office (and, I hope it will -- I'm evangelizing RSS like crazy within Microsoft) but I think Steve's making some really big assumptions. If they come true, wow.

What do you think?

Clemens Vasters promises a new version of "Das Blog" tomorrow. This is a very nice blog tool. If I were choosing a .NET-built tool, it'd be hard to choose between Das Blog and .TEXT.

Dare Obasanjo has released a new version of RSS Bandit.

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