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Daily Permalink Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Design work ahead tonight. Bear with the ugliness for a while.

Update: I've rebuilt my DIV structure here. I'm not done yet, but am out of time tonight. Will get back to it tomorrow evening.

Garrett has a way from Project Gutenberg to get 10000 books on DVD. Whew. Reading blogs is hard enough.

OK, in response to reader demand I took off the CSS styles for my fonts. In other words your browser is now in control. Don't like how my fonts look? Change them in your browser's preferences. What do you think?

I'm playing around with fonts and my CSS style sheets here. Let me know if things don't look OK.

Mark Wansfell: "What is it like to use a Tablet PC on a daily basis?"

Maybe we should have a film crew follow a Tablet PC user around for a day.

ActiveWords gets more good PR -- named to top 10 software packages of 2003 by WinPlanet. Congrats to my friend Buzz Bruggeman.

Beyond3D reports on the next version of DirectX.

Douglas Bowman took a picture of an HP billboard in San Francisco. It asks: "You Blog, Don't You?"

Michael also makes me jealous. He's been trying out the new Toshiba Tablet PC.

Sasha Corti points out that the Office XML schemas have now been made public.

Francis Ouellet says that MVPs are now writing articles for Microsoft Support. That's good. The MVPs spend the most time of anyone in the newsgroups and they become very expert on the most popular issues that are hitting users and developers.

Dave Pollard writes about the blogging process. That sounds pretty good to me.

Sean Alexander is bugged that Text America is now requiring logins to leave comments on moblogs.

Larry O'Brien says "It is a mistake for UI designers to heed debates such as going on in Scoble's comments on UI requests for Longhorn."

Oh, don't worry, I doubt the Aero team will listen to me. But, my goal wasn't really to get the Aero team to listen to me anyway. It was to get the market to think about what they'd like to see in Longhorn. Goal achieved!

My coworkers were chiding me during the day, though. Everyone has an opinion about settings in Windows.

Ross Mayfield is blogging from the Red Herring Conference. Sounds like VCs are coming back. Not sure yet that's a good thing. There's a paradigm shift coming (heck, even if you don't believe in Microsoft's vision, look at Sun's or Apple's -- all computing platforms are going to see rapid innovation over the next few years. Yet the VCs don't seem to care and don't seem to be building companies to take advantage of the coming shifts.

Here, ask yourself, do you see anything about RSS in his notes? Anything about the Tablet PC? Anything about new 3D OS's (how about new kinds of video games, new kinds of business apps? Is PowerPoint and Excel really going to be how business is done 20 years from now? Those are three things that are seeing huge changes right now. Today. Not five years from now. Yet the VCs are off funding Friendster.

Any wonder why there's tons of empty buildings in downtown Palo Alto?

Are you a 3D game developer? Here's a new shader tool (ShaderWorks XT).

Alan Meckler talks about one of his successful shows. Ahh, now Alan is signing my tune! Very specialized, very specific, conferences are the way to go.

The trick is, how do you build a show like that? Hint: a weblog. Conversational marketing. For instance, who is the best authority on the wireless industry today? Alan Reiter. How much do you want to bet that in five years Reiter will be running a huge tradeshow?

Jonathan Delacour talks about Information Overload and his attempts to escape blog addiction. A couple of people emailed this to me and asked "apply to you?" Oh, wasabi, yes it does!

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