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Daily Permalink Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Your aggregators can relax. It'll be a light posting day cause we're going to Paramount Farms to meet Rob Fahrni and Rich Caetano.

Yes, I made a mistake. C# is a language. .NET is a framework/compiler/system. I knew that, my fingers didn't.

See ya tomorrow.

Now that my weblog has titles again, permalinks are less important. Each title is a permalink. I'll leave the permalink icon on each post, though. For the traditionalists among you. :-)

Danny Boyd, in a letter to Microsoft, asks "What about the scripters?"

My answer? Longhorn's XAML partly answers this question. Other teams (the VB team, for instance) are also working on making .NET more approachable for all programmers.

I'm now on chapter eight of "Learning C#" and so far I find that .NET is a pretty rational language to learn. Do other people agree with Boyd's thesis that .NET is too hard to learn? If so, what are the things that are catching people up?

Dennis Kennedy: "I also must agree with Scoble that Peters' chapter called "Women Roar" is one of the most important chapters any business owner could read and ponder, especially for those who think in terms of new year's resolutions and goals for 2004."

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