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Daily Permalink Friday, December 12, 2003

There's a new .NET Show up, filmed at the PDC. My old boss, Robert Hess, is host.

One post before I go to work. I'm going to work on the sidebar this weekend. One thing I want to do is a list of my favorite bloggers. You know, the ones that if I only had five minutes to check on that I'd read. Chris Sells' weblog is gonna be there. Today he points us at a new blog by a Nathan Dunlap, a Microsoft designer who's working on Longhorn technologies. Good stuff. I wish we had thousands of bloggers like Chris and Nathan.

I am going to republish my site now, hopefully that'll fix the problems I am having on archive pages. By the way, my CSS file is here. I tried to keep the design very simplistic. My main goal is to make the site readable. I really don't care if this site looks cool or not, but if you can't read it, what's the point? But, feel free to give me suggestions. One nice thing now is I can try out a lot of things very quickly and get other people's opinions. I also want the site to look great on Mac and Linux machines.

I'll be traveling down to Silicon Valley today. So, things might be messed up until tomorrow. I'm behind on my blogging at the moment too.

My cable modem died last night before I was finished (it still is down -- I'm now dialing in via MSN). But, Forgetfoo went off and designed me a whole new look! See why CSS is cool? He can come up with a new design very easily. Anyway, I will keep working on the design this weekend. Who knows? I might just use Forgetfoo's design.

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