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Daily link Friday, May 07, 2004

Do you have a Tablet PC? Are you trying to teach your kids how to do fractions? If so, check out FractionsPractice (another Heiny family production). That's fun! Gotta show this to Patrick next weekend.

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Reuters is publishing RSS feeds. That's awesome. It's weird too. Brian Theodore is the guy who told me about these. He's working on the team that implemented the feeds. Brian worked at the camera store I worked at in the mid 80s. This is a damn small world.

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These people are crazy. They chase storms. And blog them.

Thanks to Steve Rubel for passing that along.

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Frank Arrigo had his socks knocked off by an app named FileSphere. Says it delivers a lot of the promise of Longhorn's WinFS today. Written in .NET too. Gotta check it out.

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A New Zealand politician is keeping an interesting blog. This is how to do it! Human voice. Updated often. And is an authority.

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How are Tablet PCs changing work life, even for janitors? Check out how A&A Maintenance is using them.

Now, as part of a pilot program started in April, the company's quality-control field agents carry wireless tablets as they make their rounds. Copies of their reports are sent instantaneously to clients via e-mail. Tablets were chosen instead of conventional handhelds to allow inspectors the flexibility of writing ad-hoc notes.

Think IT doesn't make this firm more competitive? Check out the rest of the story (scroll down to "cleaning up").

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I'm reading several books right now.

Bob Reselman's Coding Slave. So far it's an interesting read, have more to say when I'm done. Bob's show on .NET Rocks, by the way, simply rocked. Check out Rory Blyth's account.

Dan Appleman's Always Use Protection, a Teen's Guide to Safe Computing. This book is misnamed. He wrote it for teenagers, but every computer user should read this book. I'm on page 20 and I've already learned a few tips.

Microsoft in the Mirror. Interesting stories from regular employees inside Microsoft. Very Channel9ish. Gives insight into our development processes and more.

Karl Moore's Visual Basic .NET: the Tutorials. I've given up on C#. Sorry Don Box. I'm no Einstein. VB is more my style, since I'm never going to program for more than a few minutes a week. Background compilation makes it easier for me to get into programming (if I mispell a variable, for instance, VB tells me right after I type it, so much easier).

Speaking of books, have you checked out All Consuming? This site is a website that watches weblogs for books that they're talking about, and displays the most popular ones on an hourly basis. Very interesting site. Thanks to Sean Kelly and Lili Cheng over at Microsoft Research for showing me this site.

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Mason Hale, Chief Technologist at Frog Design, has started a blog. I can't wait to read more. Frog Design is a very respected design house. Here's more about Mason.

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Sorry for not posting much this week. We've had visitors and it's just been hard to weblog.

Kunal Das is working on a version of his drag-something-to-a-folder-in-Outlook-and-have-it-automatically-posted app that'll just put links to each item, so that I can start a link blog up. I have a TON of stuff to put up there when it starts back up.

Kunal got a new job this past week too. Congrats! Another fully employed .NET programmer. Who's next? Yes, his new boss did Google and found out that he's been doing cool stuff. See how that works? Write a cool little .NET app. Improve it quickly. Get linked to by other bloggers (I wasn't the only one). Apply for new job at a place that understands how rare it is to find a developer who can do the above. Get new job.

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