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Daily link Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Wow, an update to another cool news aggregator was released over the weekend: Sauce Reader.

It also has integration with the Windows Messenger client (not yet the MSN one). I have that on my desk at work, so will try it there.

10:41:18 AM    comment 

I'm not at TechED, so I missed Don Box and Doug Purdy's talk titled "Service Orientation and the Developer." Robert Hurlbut points to the relevant weblogger discussions.

I agree with him, Michele Bustamante has a nice writeup.

8:47:44 AM    comment 

Hey, syndication fans: Pluck you!

Very cool news aggregator for your browser. Lots of people inside and outside of Microsoft are talking it up, including Chris Shipley, who runs the Demo conference (she wrote about it in her newsletter that I just got).

8:33:06 AM    comment 

Think you're safer in a big pickup truck than a Mini?

Check these crash pictures out.

12:40:38 AM    comment 
12:27:11 AM    comment 

Think my boss, Lenn Pryor, can't handle the heat?

You should see what he does for fun!

Hehe, if I had a normal boss I'd probably get fired for a headline like the one on this post.

12:23:12 AM    comment 

I agree with John Porcaro. Want evidence that Microsoft is changing? Read the recent Business Week article about our General Counsel, Brad Smith.

12:18:46 AM    comment 

John Bristowe: HOORAY! The Web Services Enhancements (WSE) v2.0 for Microsoft .NET is available ... I am so happy to see these bits hit the streets. Go grab them now. THEY ROCK. WSE v2.0 will change your world.

12:14:52 AM    comment 

Christopher Coulter sends this along: Japanese Tablet PC user's site.

12:11:38 AM    comment 

Longhorn myths I keep hearing:

1) Longhorn won’t ship until ‘09
2) Longhorn won’t include WinFS
3) Even if it does include WinFS, there won’t be any support for networking or remote data.

Are you willing to bet your business on the above myths?

Like I said, we should have a contest to see what the most outlandish myth about Longhorn will be.

If you believe the above is true, please do leave a comment here. I'd like to compare notes with you when Longhorn ships.

12:09:37 AM    comment 

Kim Komando shareware picks: Art Rage.

By the way, everyone on the Tablet PC team loves Art Rage. Tetsuo proudly showed me his background that he had done with the program.

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