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Daily link Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Last night Robert McLaws released VisualBlogger 2004. It's getting good reviews from a bunch of blogs. Congrats Robert! I gotta try it out, I hear it works with Radio UserLand too.

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Over on Dave Winer's weblog I'm seeing that ESPN and now Time Magazine has RSS feeds.

Interesting, just the other day I was arguing about whether or not syndication is "crossing the chasm" and becoming a mainstream technology that everyone is using.

How much more mainstream does it need to get before the naysayers shut up and support the movement?

Why is RSS succeeding? Tim Jarrett nails the answer.

9:02:25 AM    comment the four letter word that can get people excited about your products.

An interview the Business Solutions group did with me.

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Maybe Jboss read this article: the secret agents of capitalism.

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is keynoting Chris Pirillo's newly renamed conference, Chris announced yesterday (formerly known as Gnomedex, now known as Chris Pirillo's Geeks Gone Wild). It happens beginning of October in Lake Tahoe.

The Channel9 crew is going. We'll be bringing some of the foam guys to hand out.

8:44:53 AM    comment 

Slashdot: Jboss caught in anonymous posting scheme.

I know that people in my comments regularly lie about who they are. It's one reason why I have almost turned off comments. I like blogs where people put their real name on the blog, and where they show up at conferences and other events.

I'm sure there'll be a "fake blog" sooner or later but it's far harder to fake a blog than put a fake name on a comment and hope no one is motivated enough to do some IP searches.

By the way, Jboss' credibility just evaporated in my mind. Microsoft tried astroturfing a few years back. That was stupid then, and it's stupid now.

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