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Daily link Monday, May 10, 2004

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Here's the Avalon team on the .NET Show with Robert Hess. Oh, and Eileen Crain, who runs the regional director program, makes an appearance there too.

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Um, a shower-based videoconferencing system is not a product I expect to see on the top seller lists. The video of Phillip Torrone taking a shower is just a bit scary.

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Oh, Arin Goldberg of the Tablet PC team is speaking Tuesday in Seattle. More details here (there are other talks in other cities as well).

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Layne Heiny asks: "is the Tablet PC dead?"

I saw this thread start up on Friday, so went over to building 32, where the Tablet PC team hangs out.

I barged into Arin Goldberg's office (literally) and blurted out "are you dead?" Then he introduced me to the guy developing the next version of the Tablet PC.

Then we looked at the org chart of the Tablet PC team. Did you know they report to Jim Allchin? Yes, same guy I report to. Same guy all of the Windows org reports to.

Anyway, just stick around and see if the Tablet PC is dead.

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10:13:37 PM    comment 

Ahh, other big news that hit this weekend is that a ton of new features were released to Blogger users (Google's Blogging service) and a new Google Blog opened up too. Hey, does Google have a policy for what is OK to post on the official Google blog?

Congrats to Evan Williams and crew. I did note that Blogger only is spitting out Atom feeds, and not RSS. Isn't this bad for customers who might not have a news aggregator that is compatible with Atom (my Radio UserLand news aggregator, for instance, isn't)? I find it interesting that the Web standards folks aren't going crazy about this (yet they give Microsoft lots of heck whenever we don't support the latest standards). Where's the Web Standards Project on this one?

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Over the past few hours I've learned a lot more about Mozilla. First, let's get out of the way the hate mail. There was a lot of it. Is it just me, or is the quality of Internet flames going down lately? My 10-year-old son can flame better than this. Here's some from OSNews posted here:

Duke: I needed a good laugh today.

Pixelmonkey: He is about the least informed technologist armed with a blog the world has ever seen. It really is surprising he works for Microsoft. I know they recruit smart people, but Scoble must have slipped through luckily. Please don't link to his blog ever again. It's pure nonsense.

dpi: Robert Scoble must have a serious problem obtaining the Mozilla Firefox source. I suggest we help him, so he can start coding what he suggests.

Cyclonious the Warrior: who is this m0r0n to be giving advice?!

From Slashdot here:

Amiga Lover: They're marketing type questions coming from a clueless droid.

Anonymous Coward: The evil words "SCO" appear in his name ... Enough said.

The 2nd Coming: This guy is clueless.

DarkMavis: You really have to watch yourself with Microsoft. They're a bunch of shifty dudes over there.

Jeddidiah: My impression (after reading through the comments to the blog): All hype and bluster and no content.

Anonymous Coward: Who cares about Scoble? He is known for spreading ms fud with no real arguments.

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I'm going to the conference formerly known as Gnomedex. It's now called "Chris Pirillo's Geeks Gone Wild." Sheesh, that's what I called it all along!

Seriously, Chris Pirillo's show and I have some history. I spoke at the first one. Twice, cause someone didn't show up. That was three years ago and I showed off Weblogging and the Google Toolbar, among other geeky things.

This year the event is at Harvey's in South Lake Tahoe. There too I had some influence. That's where Maryam and I got married and Chris must have liked the place enough to move his conference there (Chris was a guest at my wedding).

Anyway, it should be a lot of fun. He confirmed that Wil Wheaton is speaking. And now he tells me he has a spot on the Comedy Central network? Dang, don't tell me I need to get naked again. No one needs that!

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