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Daily link Thursday, July 22, 2004

Whoa, ComputerWorld says that design guru Don Norman is consulting on Longhorn.

Here's a picture I took of Don Norman at a Pop!Tech conference a few years back.

This year's Pop!Tech conference sounds real interesting, by the way. I've kept in touch with Anthony Citrano, one of the guys who runs Pop!Tech, and he's offered to give any of my readers $300 off. I have no interest in the conference.

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Major Nelson (aka Larry Hryb of the Xbox Live team) is interviewed by ActiveWin. He'll be on Channel 9 soon too.

ActiveWin has been getting some cool interviews lately. It'd be cool to have them do some interviews for Channel 9.

Congrats to the Xbox Live team for signing up a million subscribers.

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Geek dinner alert.

Next Thursday Dan Appleman will be in town, so we're having a geek dinner for him. He's signing books at the Barnes and Noble in downtown Bellevue from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. next Thursday (the 29th) and then we'll have dinner at the Rock Bottom Brewery next door. Everyone's invited.

Don't know who Dan is? He's one of the co-founders of Apress and is the founder of Desaware, a developer tool company, and he wrote one of the best selling (and most-respected) Visual Basic books of all time. His latest book teaches teenagers how to practice safe computing.

Apress has a bunch of blogs, by the way.

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I want this photo viewing technology in the worst way. Lots of people are buzzing about this video. Dang, more than 4000 viewings in less than 24 hours. When I think about how many people that is it freaks me out. When I planned conferences we were happy if we could get 2000 in the door. Heck, most of the time I'd be happy to get 500 in the door.

Speaking of which, I'll be speaking at the BlogOn conference on Friday. Hope to see you there. Dang, it's sold out. Who said blogging is just a fad?

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Maryam, my wife, hosted her first MSDN webcast yesterday. I'm so proud of her. She's such a geek. She keeps telling me about stuff she learned in the webcasts that she's been apart of. Last week she rattled off a bunch of new stuff in the next version of InfoPath.

It's just too weird to come home and have your partner geeking out. Plus, she has a new LCD monitor. Sweet. I'm jealous.

Speaking of which, the MSDN webcast team has a blog now. If you listen in on one (4000 attended a scripting webcast this week) say hi to my wife if she's one of the hosts.

Even better, tell her that she should start a blog of her own.

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A lot of my job is just taking care of developers and their needs -- building relationships. Here Tim Bray writes about working with the IIS team on a request of his. Almost every employee here gets emails like this.

Thanks to everyone inside Microsoft who helps me out with requests like these. No one gets to really see the small things that make a difference to customers and partners, but you add up these kinds of small things and they are what makes this industry fun to work in. Can Microsoft move fast? This was approved quickly without a meeting.

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Shhh, don't tell anyone, but Dean Hachamovitch, the guy who runs the Internet Explorer team, told me that they are hiring. Interested in working on a next-generation browser product? Passionate about standards, security, tight code, a great interface, accessibility, usability, and all those other "ity's" like quality?

Jobs will be listed on the new Internet Explorer blog.

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One from the heart tonight. I really screwed up in my blog the other night.

Two days ago on my blog and on this thread on Channel 9 I wrote that Don Box (and others) had a "few too many" at a TechED party.

These words, I've learned since, are wrong and give an impression of Don that isn't true (I've verified this with several people who were at the party -- something I should have done before playing loose with people's reputations).

I was not at the party and embellished the story I had been told. That was wrong. It needs to be corrected.

My wife and I were talking about this tonight and she said it really sucked the way I treated Don. I agree. My quotes were used in an article in the Register.

Anyway, Don, I'm sorry. I screwed up plain and simple.

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