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Daily link Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Express Edition team is even blogging.

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The Microsoft blog world is in a high post state. TechED Europe is going on right now and we're announcing products left and right.

Yeah, this was the "quiet launch" I talked about. Too bad someone leaked last Friday, but oh well, the fun is on now.

The first thing to go live earlier today is a whole slew of new Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions (betas). Man, you'd think we listen to Joel Spolsky or something. Are you a beginning programmer? When Daniel Fernandez first told me about the Express Editions a couple of months ago I thought he was kidding. They don't kid around over in the developer division, I learned. Daniel has all the info over on his blog. Oh, and don't forget "the summer of express" contest over on Channel 9.Second thing: check out the cool RSS Reader that comes with the C# Express Edition.

Third thing? A bunch of you have been complaining: "hey Scoble, how do we know you really are doing anything with all those bug reports?" Well, the folks over at MSDN said this morning "we have an answer for that -- it's called the MSDN Product Feedback Center." Yeah, Daniel's blog has all the info on that too.

Yesterday morning I woke up early to get a demo of it from the head of MSDN, Sara Williams. The demo she gave me is up on Channel9 now and more will be up on Channel9 later today from an interview that Lenn Pryor and I did with Sara late last week.

The feedback center is a big deal. It's the first time you can search our bug databases and see what has been reported for one of our products. Not only that, but you can submit your own bugs, and you can track those bugs (and see what the engineers say about them). This is a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR (did I say major enough) step forward in Microsoft's transparency.

Yes, I know Open Source folks have had this transparency for years, but it's pretty uncommon for companies to give you this kind of look into their bug databases.

Anyway, a group of us have been working late into the night. Special kudos to Jeff, Bryn, and Charles for pulling off a Channel 9 redesign -- I like it -- right in the middle of this storm of releases.

Oh, did I mention that the Express Editions are available now to EVERYONE? No MSDN subscription needed to try these out. So what are you waiting for?

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