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Daily link Monday, June 14, 2004

Bill Flitter and I got a bunch of people riled up when I talked about advertising in RSS.

Today Bill answered them back. "If you are a publisher considering an ad-supported revenue model, your customers have spoken. The year of anti-marketing is real. Donít ignore this feedback."

10:49:13 PM    comment 

Gary Potter, director of R&D projects at Sabre Holdings is blogging. They are the folks that do Travelocity.

10:46:23 PM    comment 

The second release candidate of Windows XP Service Pack 2 will be released tomorrow here.

eWeek posted an article on the new release candidate.

10:43:14 PM    comment 

One of the cooler things about Channel9 is the community is getting involved. Here Jamie interviews Ben Slivka. Ben worked at Microsoft in the 1990s on IE and other large projects. Interesting interview, thanks Jamie!

10:39:46 PM    comment 

Kunal did give me a Sharepoint version of his OutlookMT tool (that lets me post things just by dragging and dropping them into a folder). I got it working this afternoon. Oh, that's gonna be fun. It'll totally change my intranet site.

10:19:43 PM    comment 

Matthew Mastracci is right. My link blog has some problems. Kunal is working to fix them up. Probably won't be fixed until the end of the week because I'll be in New York.

10:08:15 PM    comment 

Kevin Burton joins the "I hate Scoble (er, and Microsoft, and Longhorn)" un-fan club.

How do you join? Just start a weblog and post on it "I hate Scoble." Come on, you know you're out there.

Sorry, writing "Scoble's a shill" on your blog isn't good enough. Only real haters are allowed to join.

9:39:34 PM    comment 

Dana Epp, Canadian computer security expert, will be staying with Maryam and me next week, and that's a great opportunity for another geek dinner. Dana has the details on his blog.

9:21:14 PM    comment 

Anders Hejlsberg is on Channel9 this week. First up? A tour he gave us through computer industry history (he showed us around part of Microsoft's museum). This is the one where he talked about developing Turbo Pascal for the Macintosh.

8:41:09 PM    comment 

Kevin Schofield (he's the guy responsible for moving technology out of Microsoft Research and into Microsoft's products): Advertising is hard. Marketing is super hard.

Oh, NOW you tell me. :-)

9:37:48 AM    comment 

My coworker Dan'l Lewin is speaking at Jupiter Media's Microsoft Strategies Breakfast next week. I wish I could be there. Dan'l is real interesting, if you get him going ask him some of his stories about working with Steve Jobs at NeXT (he was a cofounder of NeXT).

9:23:48 AM    comment 

Rory Blyth has new competition. Caustic Tech made me snort. I'm so guilty for using marketing terms he hates. Best practice weblogger? No way! (He is a bit profane, just to warn you). Thanks to Don Box for linking to this guy.

9:06:41 AM    comment 

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