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Daily link Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I told Maryam the other day that I'm suprised that the porn industry hasn't taken Burger King's Subservient Chicken idea and had done something similar.

Use your dirty minds to imagine the possibilities.

Here's a clue: is unused.

So is and Man, I remember the days when the porn industry would register every domain and would parody any decent site (remember how is a porn site, but is where Bush posts?).

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Randy Charles Morin joins the "I hate Scoble" club. Lars, sorry, writing "Scoble is a worm" over on Channel9 doesn't count.

11:39:52 PM    comment 

Mozilla Firefox .9 is now available. This browser is even better than it was before. Snappier and better rendering on sites I've tested it on.

10:48:08 PM    comment 

Andrew Grumet: "I've never owned a tablet PC but don't see much sense in them. Seems like a step backward for anyone who can type faster than they can scribble."

Um, Andrew, you're totally missing the point. My Tablet PC has a keyboard. Just like your laptop. So I get the best of both worlds. I can use a keyboard when it makes sense to, and I can flip the screen around and use it as a tablet when it makes sense to.

Where does a tablet make sense?

1) In coach class in an airplane. I spent several hours today working today in the plane working in tablet mode. It's far more comfortable.

2) Anyplace you want to compute while standing up. For instance, I don't print out my hotel and airline info anymore. I just flip open my tablet. I don't need a surface to sit it down, either, like you'd need with your laptop. I got stuck in a 30 minute security line today and read a ton of feeds while waiting in line (and had WiFi too).

3) If you need to take notes with a pen. For instance, if you're taking a chemistry class you'll need to take notes on molecular structure. And a whole bunch of equations. These things are very difficult to do with just a keyboard. A Tablet PC is invaluable in these instances. Oh, and for graphic designers, or people who use Wacom tablets, they are really great. For instance, look at Larry's Art Rage pictures. These would be nearly impossible to do if all I had was an IBM ThinkPad's nubby stick mouse.

And we haven't even started to talk about vertical markets like insurance adjusters who need to do their work while walking around a home, or around a car. Laptops just don't work in that kind of situation.

Andrew, have you watched the video demos I put up about the Tablet PC? It shows pretty well how good it is.

Oh, one last thing, for people who type with two fingers and can only get 20 words a minute or less, you might find that using a pen with the new software that's coming out soon (Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, that comes with Windows XP Service Pack 2, by the way) is actually faster. Remember, bloggers are weird. Most of us type far faster than average humans do.

10:33:32 PM    comment 

Darren Foong is a high school kid and obviously loves Linux. I thought I'd link to him just so you can see the perceptions that he has about open source and Microsoft. Hint, he isn't kind to Microsoft.

One thing Darren: Microsoft isn't rebuilding the kernel in Longhorn. At least not from scratch. Yes, there is kernel work going on in Longhorn to make it possible to provide glitch-free multimedia experiences, among other things. But I wouldn't position that as "rebuilding." It's like when you have a house. Rebuilding is when you tear down the house and start over. Longhorn's kernel work is more like tearing out a bathroom and putting in new tile.

Also, as you get older, I'd implore you to try out the latest OS's against the latest OS's. I haven't had a crash in Windows XP in months. Is Windows less stable than Linux? That's certainly common belief, but on a well-setup-machine OS stability is there, and there today on all three operating systems (OSX, WinXP, and Linux). It sounds like you're comparing today's Linux against yesterday's Windows. That's a common mistake that people make (I saw lots of people slamming the Macintosh similarly).

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John Porcaro, who does marketing for the Xbox team, writes on his blog: "Great marketers make it look easy. And bad marketers reinforce the perception that no thought is required."

Michael Gartenberg wants to see us market our stuff working together. I agree Michael, but I'd be happy if I could just get people to know about one or two key new features in each product. Showing them working together would be icing on the cake.

7:05:42 AM    comment 

Cliff Atkinson has started a PowerPoint blog. Awesome one too. Who knew that the world needed a blog about PowerPoint?

7:00:11 AM    comment 

Oji Udezue: "I heard a lot of things about Scoble before I met him, and I think the best thing I can say is that is that hes pretty normal; Hes a pleasant dude and I liked working with him. Now all I need is to get him to link to my blog."

Pretty normal, huh? Heh.

Two can play this game. Oji is pretty normal for a program manager. :-). Seriously, Oji's working on people and groups features in Longhorn. If he gets working what the team is promising it'll be much easier to build contacts and social presence into your applications.

6:45:54 AM    comment 

I'm off to New York. Geek dinner is tomorrow night, we have 40 people coming. You're invited, send me email if you wanna come. My cell phone is 408-314-8233.

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