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Daily link Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Ed Brill, who works for IBM, answers my question about how many IBM bloggers there are.

On that note, I'm outta here until Thursday evening.

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I wish I could have Brian Bailey write my performance review. Here's a quote from his post in reaction to my post about the church he works for: "If I could personally end the debate about whether weblogs are a form of journalism, I would do so with Scoble's essay. I'm amazed at how much he captured from our 90 minutes together. What he wrote perfectly reflects the essense of what we discussed and then organizes and analyzes it from a unique perspective, drawing out lessons applicable to any organization. No wonder Microsoft hired him."

Actually, I didn't take any notes (I had my Tablet PC with me, but didn't use it). I was just so interested in what they've done. I wrote that blog post in about an hour before hoping on the plane to come home.

I won't be blogging until Thursday night -- we're having an evangelism offsite. Good content for talking about tomorrow.

1:05:24 AM    comment 

Longhorn evangelist Jeremy Mazner answers InfoWeek's Jon Udell back on his blog (Jon is analyzing Longhorn on his blog). Interesting blogging by both of them, if you care about Longhorn stuff.

12:59:36 AM    comment 

InternetNews: eBay announces RSS feeds. Thanks, Micah, for letting me know. Jeffrey McManus' weblog has more (he's the developer evangelist for eBay). What an interesting way to break news!

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