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Daily link Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I've covered this before, but over on Channel9 there's a bunch of threads that are a lot better place for commenting on Internet Explorer than in my comment threads here.

Here's a list of the relevant threads:

1) Does Microsoft care about Webmasters? (IE group program manager Tony Chor is answering questions there -- read all three pages).

2) When will we see features that Internet Explorer lacks? (Tony Chor is answering questions here too -- read all three pages).

3) Wiki for leaving product feature requests for IE (the IE team is watching here).

2:04:03 AM    comment 

Daniel Miessler, on Lockergnome: Why you should dump Internet Explorer.

1:48:53 AM    comment 

Ars Technica interviews's Scott Collins.

"Microsoft is a juggernaut, a terrible enemy to have. Terrible because they just don't care, they don't have to care it's like the mosquito on the elephant. So, no, I don't think having Microsoft as an enemy or having them come out ahead of us made us hungrier. For some people, that's probably true, but I think people are driven by their own individual motivations."

Well, you can say a lot of things about us, but saying we don't care? Not in my experience. Every Microsoft employee I meet cares deeply about what they are doing. I wish I could give Scott a tour of campus. Heck, Scott, just watch the videos I've been putting up on Channel9. Are those the voices of people who don't care about what they do?

And, I know quite a few of the people on the IE team. They are not happy at all that I'm using Firefox. Whenever I have lunch or a meeting with someone on the IE team they ask me "how can we get you back?"

Is that the sentiment of people who don't care about what they are doing?

12:46:16 AM    comment 

I posted this over on my linkblog yesterday, but it deserves special mention here. It's a movie done by Liam Kemp. Completely done on a computer (one Athlon 1.4 Ghz).

It is the most amazing thing I've seen lately.

Wow, one guy, one computer (three for rendering). In another five years this guy will be able to make movies with actors that won't be human and you won't be able to tell.

Here's more details on how the movie was done and a link to the movie's official Web site.

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