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Daily link Saturday, June 12, 2004

I'm cleaning out my RSS feeds. Things that'll get feeds removed:

1) If I haven't read you for months.
2) If you don't publish full content feeds.
3) If you haven't published for months.

I wish it were easier in NewsGator to delete feeds. Right now I have to delete them one-by-one and it's frustrating.

I'll publish a new OPML file later.

8:52:30 PM    comment 

Loren Heiny: Lunch with Finepoint.

Finepoint are the folks who build the digitizer in HP's Tablet PC. Interesting lunch!

8:25:09 PM    comment 

On Thursday morning Charles Torre and I interviewed Kang Su Gatlin, program manager on the Visual C++ team. This guy knows a lot about compilers. Translation: he knows a lot about the future of Windows.

One thing that I took away from the interview is that Longhorn (next version of Windows) will be compiled with a new compiler, code-named Phoenix. So, off I went to Microsoft Research's site, put that code-name in, and out popped the Phoenix' Web site.

Kang says he's really excited by this new compiler technology. I'll have to learn more about this. Anyone know anything that can be shared publicly?

7:06:20 PM    comment 

Expression 3 is the coolest app I've seen since Art Rage. Oh, Microsoft bought the company? Awesome. Can't wait to see what this team does.

Update: I've learned this is an upgrade for existing customers only, sorry.

6:58:05 PM    comment 

Bill Flitter, VP of marketing at Pheedo, took me and Patrick to lunch today. He's been in the advertising industry for years and sees RSS as a business opportunity.

He knows that advertisers are going to want to reach people who subscribe to feeds. I agree. He's already working with publishers to add advertisements to RSS feeds. He wants to work with industry leaders to build best practices for feed advertising. It's important, he says, that the industry hold itself back and keep from spamming people.

In order for weblogs to improve and big publishers to turn on more feeds, we need to find a workable revenue model. Is Google advertising it? We both see other opportunities for webloggers.

Do you?

6:48:10 PM    comment 

Joe took a job at Microsoft and is moving his wine collection. Joe: the movers Microsoft hires are most excellent. You should discuss your concerns with them. And, you should invite Maryam and me over for some wine tasting. :-)

5:09:31 PM    comment 

Andrei Herasimchuk, on his weblog "Design by Fire": The real reason you should care about web standards.

4:53:20 PM    comment 

I need to apologize to Macromedia's John Dowdell. I've been misspelling his name for years and he never complained. It's weird, I always left the second D out of his name. Thanks to Porter for pointing that out to me.

4:18:56 PM    comment 

Dave Kingston: "Do they let anyone become a technology critic?"

"[David] Coursey is taking MS to task for what he calls the "charm offensive". If you've been living under a rock, MS is attempting to play nicer with the rest of us on the playground. They have decided that listening and watching what customers do is a good idea. They've also decided that more transparency in the product release cycle is a good idea. They should be praised for these initiatives. From a business perspective, the more input I can have in the products that will populate my enterprise, the better."

9:56:59 AM    comment 

I find it uncomfortable talking about spiritual stuff here. Why? Well, for one, my beliefs don't align with about 80% of humans. For two, what I'm passionate about is technology. I spent a lot of time arguing religion in newsgroups last decade and found it just bored me.

After writing about the Fellowship Church's technology on Monday, I got a few comments from people like Bernie Simon, who basically are questioning the spirituality of the church in mind.

Oh, please. The old "my beliefs and practices are better than yours" argument. Isn't this why we have wars? Isn't this why 19 guys flew airplanes into the World Trade Center?

9:50:06 AM    comment 

Tons of more interesting reading than my blog is over at my link blog. Including the Venture Blog's look at who hates who in the tech industry.

I'm taking the weekend off. Have a good one!

12:15:44 AM    comment 

You know, the fact that people read the stuff I write amazes me sometimes. Just a few minutes ago I wrote about Danny O'Brien's talk at O'Reilly's conference. Within minutes he comments on my blog.

12:07:15 AM    comment 

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