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Daily link Friday, June 25, 2004

InfoWorld: Windows Server 2003 vanishes from vulnerability list.

"Has Microsoft finally turned the corner on security? So I called up Microsoft to ask the question; their public relations agency eventually tracked down Michael Howard, senior program manager of Microsoft's security business and technology unit. I asked him if the company has finally managed to get security right. "Yeah," said Howard.

11:19:27 PM    comment 

Steve Rubel admits to making a mistake on his blog. Webloggers don't have infrastructure that'll protect them against mistakes. No copy editors. No publishers. Of course, we have speed and readers. If we make a mistake our readers point it out. If we care about our readers we'll listen to them and correct our mistakes. Good job Steve for showing how to do it.

8:20:29 PM    comment 

Heh, Robert Williams responds to Peter Rysavy. Love this quote from his new blog: "explain why tablet is cool." That's a really tough one for me. I'm a father with 3 teenagers. Is that cool? I don't think so. That's the antithesis of cool. Using words like antithesis is not cool.

8:01:44 PM    comment 

Evan Feldman, who is on the mobile team (close sister of the Tablet PC team) is blogging Tablet PCs from inside Microsoft too.


7:44:50 PM    comment 

The Tablet PC team starts blogging. Welcome to the blogosphere Robert Williams.

7:41:57 PM    comment 

The Daily Chump notes that some security experts named the latest security problem "Scob." Hmmm. "Don't click this link," the Chump says.

5:44:35 PM    comment 

Microsoft has released a security alert. We have a team that is dedicated to these kinds of crisis situations.

They publish their findings at

If you find a new exploit, or know of some security problem on one of our products, please send email to

Already this page has been updated a few times in the past 24 hours. If you think you have a security problem with a Microsoft product, please check the security site.

If you just want to make sure you are protected, then visit

3:08:17 PM    comment 

I'm writing a bit about how to do good video with a camcorder. Not that I'm an expert or anything. But, what would you like to know?

I just find I'm picking up little things here and there as I'm working on Channel9. Like "change the shutter speed to 1/60th of a second if you want to shoot a monitor."

Or my favorite: "use a tripod, dummy."

1500 words. It might make it into an O'Reilly "Hacks" book. Something like "Camcorder Hacks from the Channel9 Video Guy." I heard I'm gonna make a whole $40 if they like it. That's OK, eating dinner with the two guys who started Google at O'Reilly's FooCamp is priceless. I wonder what the FooCamp will be like this year?

But, even if it doesn't get used, I still need to train other people on good enough camera technique.

1:35:52 AM    comment 

Peter Rysavy follows up his "losing love for the Tablet PC" post.

I heard that Peter got a bit of grief for his comments yesterday. Peter, if that's true, have them call me. Microsoft needs this kind of criticism to improve. The more, the better.

I wish I could grow customers like Peter on trees. Passionate customers. It doesn't get better than that.

1:27:00 AM    comment 

It's weird seeing Channel9 on the home page of MSDN Japan. Sometimes even I forget that Microsoft is a global company. And I shot the video.

12:18:41 AM    comment 

This afternoon I interviewed the Open Source team at Microsoft. Stephen Walli and Rob Mensching. They are the Windows Installer Xml (WiX) guys. Here's the blog where Rob broke the news.

I love these guys. They break the rules. Get stuff done. Take on a culture. Change the world.

Two guys, who wanted to try something out and see if it'd work. They won over the lawyers. The cynics. And early reports show their little project is a success. Translation: we'll see more open source projects at Microsoft. Go go go!

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