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Daily link Saturday, June 05, 2004

MoreGoogle gives you Google search results, only it adds images of each site to the search results. I wonder how long this URL will last, though.

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Eric Sink is tearing into one of my favorite books: Reis and Trout's 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. He's doing a post every day about each chapter and applying each principle to the software industry. Really interesting stuff. Every post so far has gotten posted to my link blog.

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Rich Levin has posted a bunch of his PCTalkWeb radio shows. He runs a real interesting computer talk show.

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Just saw that Ronald Reagan has died. I took pictures of him back in 1984 when he visited DeAnza Community College in Silicon Valley. 40,000 people came out to see him (a number that has not been matched by any president since). My picture of him and Nancy are still hanging in the Silicon Valley Republican Headquarters. They paid me $125 for them.

I entered that picture in a community college journalism contest. It came in third. A picture I took of Walter Mondale came in first. The Los Angeles Times photographer who judged the contest wrote on the back "anyone can take a good picture of Ronald Reagan, but only the best can take a good picture of Walter Mondale."

How did I get the picture without having a press pass? I wore a suit. And arrived early in the morning. I made friends with secret service folks. Showed them that I was professional and OK. Eventually I worked myself into a great spot. I still remember that his hands were big and that Nancy wore a ton of makeup.

My wife hates Reagan. I liked him. He had that affect on people.

All the news sites are busy, I can't get through to MSNBC or CNN. Shows he can still pull an audience, even in death.

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Just had BBQ lunch at "Bone Daddy's" in Dallas. I love Dallas. Everything is big. Bone Daddy's is like Hooters combined with Dixie's BBQ (only better) combined with a really nice concept restaurant.

Don't know how to explain it. Lots of interesting reviews about Bone Daddy's are on the Web.

I hear this is the best BBQ in Dallas. I love the idea of "violated chicken." (They stick a beer can into it and BBQ it).

My half-rack of ribs melted off of the bone. Anyone up for lunch on Monday? We can meet here. We don't have good BBQ in Seattle (sorry, Dixie's might be spicy, but it ain't as good as this).

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Russell Beattie calls Walt Mossberg a "F***ing idiot."

Ahh, one thing I've been told is "never fight with people who use ink by the semi-truck load."

But, Russell does have a point. The mobile industry needs an evangelist. He recommends a man. Totally wrong.

Last night I was sitting next to the bride to be (she's getting married in a few hours). She is 21. She was text-messaging with a female friend of hers. She texts almost as fast as I type.

She's in the next generation of Web users. They just need a little bit better phones with a little bit better display and a little bit more bandwidth (and a bunch of new apps for mobile users).

I can't wait to get my SmartPhone. I can't wait to ask "where's the nearest Sushi place?" Or, I can't wait to put in an address and see all the blog comments left at that address.

The future is wireless, no doubt.

It's interesting, all the people I look to for cell phone info are male. Neil Enns, of the SmartPhone team at Microsoft. Russell Beattie. Alan Reiter.

Where are the women?

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What's great about Iranian weddings? The food. What a feast last night. Sorta like the feast of links up on my link blog right now. If you're looking for some more RSS feeds to stuff in your aggregator, check out my link blog. All are interesting. No noise or spam.

We're still working on the technology, so some things are just headlines, others have a bit of content. But everything there is interesting and has been hand-selected by me.

Well, I'm off to eat Dallas BBQ with Maryam's family. Have a great weekend!

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Yahoo, hotel in Dallas has WiFi! Shhh, don't tell Maryam I'm blogging, I'm not supposed to be. :-)

Last week at the geek lunch Micah Alpern, who works as an interface designer at eBay, gave me a book about eBay titled "The Perfect Store."

What was the secret to their successfully building a $3.5 billion business? They paid attention to their community.

So, I'm glad to see that Microsoft is paying attention to its community.

How did eBay do it? They listened to the community whereever it was. In email. In newsgroups. In their own forums. In meetings in villages in third-world countries.

Thanks Micah for the book. It reminded me once again that communities (and great companies) get built by listening to customers. It's not an easy skill to have (even in eBay the book describes many things they did wrong along the way).

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