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Daily link Monday, June 28, 2004

Jay Rosen writes a letter to Bill Gates with advice just in case Bill writes a weblog.

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Tristan Louis: OSX 10.4 hits and misses.

7:16:57 PM    comment 

I'm confused. Apple's signs at its developer's conference says that Microsoft is gonna copy OSX for our next operating system, code-named Longhorn. But here, in, I read that Apple actually is copying a product named Konfabulator. At least that's what the guy who developed Konfabulator says.

I love the graphic on Konfabulator's home page.

Seriously, Apple did announce some awesome stuff today. I don't have time to comment on it all, the Mac Minute has the highlights.

The thing that caught my eye? The new search technology (they said it's like WinFS, but WinFS is a lot more than just search). The new RSS news reader in Safari (very cool, I see Dave Winer has a lot more to say today over on The new videoconferencing features.

Anyway, I'll be seeing the new stuff this weekend at my brother-in-law's house (he works at Apple).

7:11:31 PM    comment 

There's a new design over at Channel9. More stuff coming in the morning.

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