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Daily link Sunday, June 20, 2004

My friend Zane Thomas and Heike Philp are working on Web Train, a conferencing app for Windows. Multiple users can audio conference at one time.

Zane just told me about it, I'll have to try it later. Anyone else have any experience with it?

11:29:12 PM    comment 

You won't believe this, but just spent quite a bit of time writing a reply to Joel Spolsky's article about Microsoft losing the API war, and my browser refreshed for some reason and the darn thing went away.

I'm going to bed. Damn.

I think the browser just wanted to have the last word on this one.

11:24:53 PM    comment 

There are trademarks and brands, but did you know there are lovemarks too? I didn't until I saw the book, of the same name, at Borders this afternoon. The book was written by Kevin Roberts, CEO of advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi.

I do note that Microsoft didn't have any products listed therein. You can guess which computer company did.

On the other hand, everywhere I looked at Borders there were computers running Microsoft's stuff, so not all is lost. Is it better to be loved? Or used?

9:04:08 PM    comment 

Alex Kipman talks about corporate transparency (and the struggles that are happening around such internally).

I was talking to a famous blogger from one of our biggest competitors and he was telling me that they are just having the same kind of internal debates about how to blog and how much transparency to allow. Every company will need to discover that opening up is a good thing, not a bad thing. It already is one of the most interesting business questions of the decade.

I still am taking a careful, deliberate, path. I believe that Microsoft will build better products -- not to mention having a better reputation -- by having more transparency. More transparency improves the conversation. That improves the feedback loop. That brings us all better products and fewer misunderstandings.

8:08:35 PM    comment 

ZDNet: A day in the life of a Microsoft security patch.

Interesting look at how Microsoft handles security problems.

7:47:00 PM    comment 

I just looked at my referer page and see that Dave Massy is sending me hundreds of visitors. That can only mean one thing: he got Slashdotted!

3:00:27 PM    comment 

Raena Armitage: "Don't miss out in the blogosphere's next big meme!"

Heh, Raena joins my hate club. I wonder what our first meeting is gonna be like?

12:47:04 PM    comment 

Alan Reiter and Dan Gillmor are looking into the privacy implications of cell phone cameras, and other devices.

Me? I agree with Alan. These are hard issues. I think we need a new definition of where you can expect privacy. For instance, in my bedroom I expect privacy. But out in the street? No. In my office? No. There's lots of gray areas, though.

Certainly the next time there's major news the reporting will be quite a bit different.

12:42:13 PM    comment 

Keola Donaghy is trying to get Microsoft to add a Hawaiian keyboard to Windows and no one is answering his email. Well, I did answer his email, and tried to get an answer, but I'm coming up short. Translation: I can't get my email answered either sometimes. :-)

So, if someone at Microsoft knows who decides this, please drop me a line.

12:34:11 PM    comment 

Kunal writes about what he's trying to do with his OutlookMT tool that I'm using to create my link blog. "Sure its not perfect, but I felt a need to try and explain why it has the problems it has. If it was trivial as looking for structured data, everything would have been perfect a long time ago."

12:25:51 PM    comment 

Michael Gartenberg disagrees with Cory Doctorow's anti-DRM speech that Cory gave at Microsoft on Thursday.

12:18:44 PM    comment 

Visual Studio ruined Jeffrey McManus' fathers' day. He's the developer evangelist at eBay. I'm sorry about that Jeffrey, I can't do anything to make this year's father's day better for you, but definitely let's work together to make next year's father's day better.

12:09:45 PM    comment 

Glenn Reynolds: you work too hard. But I appreciate your blog and your work a lot.

By the way, what we do isn't work. I can think of lots of jobs that are really work. Putting roofs on buildings in Dallas during the summer, for instance.

12:06:15 PM    comment 

Happy Father's Day. I have fireballs and bombs dropping all around me. Oh, wait, it's just Patrick showing me Lord of the Rings on the Xbox. Nice surround sound effects. Hope your father's day is going well too. How come I get my behind kicked as a fathers-day-present?

11:38:27 AM    comment 

Steve Rubel wrote up the notes from when Buzz and I spoke to his employer (a PR firm in New York).

10:39:56 AM    comment 

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