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Daily link Friday, July 23, 2004

Fast Company's Heath Row was just here and he's been blogging BlogOn.

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Two sites that I'm checking out that were mentioned at the last session here at BlogOn (mostly venture capital folks talking about the opportunities):



Weatherbug is Steve Rubel's client. See how that works?

More will come.

I'm outta here and will be in Vancouver this weekend with my dad, step mom, Patrick, and Maryam.

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Steve Rubel started a "Scoble Rocks" blog. That's scary.

But, Steve's a PR god. And he knows that the way to influence people is to be nice to them. That's a little too nice, Steve. But, it's something that a lot of the people who are trying to influence the Internet Explorer team should learn. Man, those guys are simply getting a lot of heck. When people like Jeremy Wright says that the comments on the IE blog are worse than Slashdot, that's saying something.

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The newly scanned images from the Apollo missions are simply spectacular. Why say any more?

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I think blogging has just jumped the shark. Dave Sifry, founder of Technorati, is now gonna be on CNN providing real-time analysis of the conventions.

Speaking of Technorati, remember my corporate weblogger manifesto? Read rule #19. Treat everyone nicely. From Gnome-girl (Cheyenne) to Dave Winer. How prescient that is. Today I met Gnomegirl and learned she just got a job at Technorati as customer support person.

Congrats to Cheyenne!

Seems to me something is happening in this search field. At BlogOn Google, PubSub, Technorati, Feedster are all here.

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I'm at the BlogOn conference. Dan Gillmor's book (We Media) launched here (he's a text-journalist for the San Jose Mercury News). I've read it. It's going to become an instant standard text book in journalism schools. If you're interested in starting a blog, it'd be a good one to read since it'll give you a good overview of how the media is changing due to everyone's ability to publish. Congrats Dan for getting the book out (and to O'Reilly for having the vision to do it).

I'll post cool reports from the conference to my link blog.

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Dave Winer is one of a cadre of bloggers going to the Democratic National Convention and today he opened a community site for bloggers who'll be at the DNC.

This is cool -- I'll be following it during the convention.

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