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Daily Permalink Monday, April 29, 2002

If I ever start an Internet company I'm gonna make it work like NetFlix. I ordered some more DVD's last night and today I got three emails that say "it's in the mail" and tell me when I should expect to get my latest DVD rentals.
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Oh, great, I'm a Doc Searls!

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You enjoy writing, linking to interesting technologies and being an all-round smiley guy.

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Writing a weblog and listening to Metallica in Surround Sound is a lot of fun. The weblogs don't get any better, but what the hell, the rock is good!

So, back to weblogging and culture.

Having Macromedia's product managers doing weblogs is real important and shows that weblogs have gone mainstream.

Oh, hell, I'm not gonna do more metablogging. Come to the conference if you wanna hear my thoughts.

Back to DVD Audio. I've spent about $400 on DVD-Audio disks so far. They cost about $25 each retail. I've already learned that there are good recordings and there are bad ones. I'm already learning to rely on

Hey, I own the term "DVD Audio Weblog" on Google. Maybe I should add a category and start talking about what's good and what's crap.

I need some encouragement. Is anyone else out there into DVD Audio?

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I know my co-workers and managers at NEC read my weblog. That's scary. What would you talk about (or self-censor) if you knew your boss was reading your weblog?

I'm really interested because I'm speaking at the WWW Conference next week. Weblogging and work issues will be one of the topics I cover.

Are you coming to the conference? Please drop me a line at

The conference organizers and I are gonna keep "an official conference weblog" where we point to all the webloggers.

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California's anti-smoking campaign is a success [Reuters Health eLine]

Yes, I live in California, and yes, I think our state's anti-smoking laws are great (so do these researchers). I went to a bar on Saturday and totally enjoyed myself without coming out smelling like an ashtray. The rest of the world will get a clue that this is the right way to live someday.

Although, I think it's a crime that you can't legally buy pot at Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco -- largely seen as the home of the hippie movement (why can you buy pot legally in Amsterdam, but not in San Francisco?). The Ben and Jerry's ice cream at that corner is awesome, though.

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Macromedia opens a bunch of weblogs today. Does anyone else find this incredible? Here a company gets proactive and decides to communicate with its customers using a product it didn't develop! Think about that for a while. Macromedia's brand recognition just went up 200% in my mind.
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Did I ever tell you that having a mid-life crisis is fun?

I'm glad I'm having mine now.

I bought myself a decent home entertainment system. Not an over the top one like Bill Gates can afford, but still a decent system.

Have you heard of DVD Audio?

You should. I've never heard music reproduced so good.

"I ain't gonna worry my life anymore" Eric Clapton and B.B. King are singing on my system right now. In surround sound. Five speakers and a subwoofer. Awesome. I ain't gonna worry my life anymore either.

DVD Audio is awesome. You'll never listen to another MP3 again if you get a decent system that can play DVD Audio disks.

DVD Audio is a format with no video (or at best minimal video content). It is recorded at a higher sampling rate than CDs (compare it to CD's and you'll hear a sizable difference). Plus the better disks (like the B.B. King/Eric Clapton effort I'm listening to right now) are in surround.

Music in surround sound is so much more enjoyable that I can't listen to normal CDs anymore. They sound "empty." I don't know how to explain it better than that.

Anyway, my stereo isn't the only new thing in my life. My other new love has told me that I can't blog her, so I won't, but that's an explanation of why I'm not blogging more lately. :-)

Sam Gentile had it partly right. "How Little Blogs Matter in Life." But, Sam, why do you need to rain on everyone's parade? If you don't wanna blog, just don't. It works for me.

But, that's enough mid-life crisis for now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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