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Daily Permalink Saturday, May 04, 2002

My report on Spiderman? Well worth seeing.


It isn't Star Wars.

Is it the kind of movie I'll be talking about 25 years from now? Nope. It's a good piece of entertainment, and certainly worth the $9, but two hours after watching it I don't have much of an impression of the movie other than it was a fun time.

In other words: it ain't gonna win any Oscars. Well, maybe one for special effects. The swinging around the city looks pretty darn good.

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Here's some photos I took at TechED last month:

Microsoft's new tablet computer.

Proof that Ernie the Attorney and I were CLOSE to John Popper during the concert.

Photo of Preservation Hall trumpet player after photographer (me) drank too many hurricanes. (This one is large, but makes for a nice wallpaper).

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Glenn Fleishman just wrote to warn that my eight-year-old son Patrick might get freaked out by watching Spider-man. He says it's way too intense for kids less than 10 years old. My son's answer? "He should worry about me hanging out with Dave [Winer]. Dave should be rated X."

But, point well taken. Heck, Patrick's seen a lot of movies including Titanic and Perfect Storm. I know, I'm a bad parent.

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If you were on LSD and saw Don Box's band play at the MSDN Magazine party at TechED last month, this is what you might have seen.
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Other cool people who link to me:

Adam Curry. Hell, he used to be on MTV. Does it get any cooler than that?

Doc Searls. He writes about Linux on a Macintosh. Now THAT'S cool!

Dave Winer. InfoWorld says he's cool, so he must be, right?

Chris Pirillo. This guy has his face as a logo. My face is way too ugly to do that. Plus he's on TechTV every day. Now that's cool.

And I haven't even started on the list of cool people who link to me. Everyone who links to me is cool! Heheh.

Yeah, I know, trolling for links is the worst thing a weblogger can do.

But, what the hell, it's better than pointing out that I own the term "Scoble" on Google. :-)

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You know, I'm linked to by some really incredible people. Every time I go to Dan Gillmor's weblog and see my name linked to there, I pinch myself. The San Jose Mercury News has been part of my life since I was 11 years old (Dan's the technology editor there).

Back to Century 22. This is the theater in Silicon Valley that's right next to the Winchester Mystery house (one of the only tourist traps we have in Silicon Valley). It's a weird place, built by Sarah Winchester in the 1800s. She kept building the house as a way to escape demons from all the folks who were shot dead by Winchester rifles.

Now I live on Winchester Blvd. Now you know where my street got its name.

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OK, we're seeing Spider-man tonight. Looks like everyone thinks it's great (I've been checking out the reviews over on

Anyone getting ready to see Star Wars? My son is. He's totally crazy about Star Wars. We're making plans to see it on May 16th. Last time I waited overnight for tickets. I'm not gonna do that again, but I do want to see it on opening night, so I'll have to work on getting tickets.

Anyone want to come with us? We're in San Jose. I would like to see it at Century 22. They don't have the latest sound or projection systems, but it's the place I've seen all the "big" movies, ever since I was a kid (I saw Star Wars there in 1977).

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OK, I'm back from taking my son Patrick for a bike ride. I still am having trouble figuring out what to write. It's an uncomfortable feeling. Microsoft hasn't released any new technology lately, so I can't talk about that, although I could point you to a fake future Windows video.

I could blog about my life. But, no sex or conflict today, so that'd be even more boring than a fake video.

Can I talk about my job at NEC? Well, there's no sex or conflict there either. I could tell you how much I hate SAP, but I don't have enough experience with it yet, so I'm gonna save that for a future weblog.

Should I talk about UserLand's server troubles? Hmmm, well, it might be a good time to point out that while UserLand's servers were down, all my data in Radio was safe. You just couldn't get to it. If I cared about your ability to read my slop I'd pay for commercial hosting, but I don't, so if the servers are down, they are down, and I ain't gonna get my panties in a bunch about it. Anyway, it's a lot better being on Radio than what happens when MSN goes down (I am the founder of the MSN Communities' Train Simulator Fan Site and if that goes down, I can't do anything about it).

I guess I should start working on my speech this week about weblogging's effect on culture. But, I need to be in the proper mood first. Gotta go swimming. :-)

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New Report: "It is safe to say that active usage of online music content is one of the best predictors of increased consumer purchasing" [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

Why would this be the case? Well, look at me. I've spent about $500 in music in the past five months. That probably puts me in the top 5% of humans on earth in terms of music consumers.

The more music I buy, the more I want. And the more music I listen to, the more music I want to own.

The free stuff is a good preview (it's a replacement, for me, of FM radio). I listen to songs on the Internet. I read the reviews at Amazon and other places. Then I buy the DVD Audio if possible.

The DVD Audio is so much better audio quality than any MP3 I've heard so far.

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How do you write a weblog?

I don't know about you, but I start out by thinking of my audience. I know there are at least 15 of you out there. I get that much email every month in between the 3000 spams I get.

Then I read Dave and Doc.

Then I read my news aggregator, which has 286 news sources that I've subscribed to. Mostly other weblogs, but also things like USA Today and New York Times.

Then I look outside my window and say "screw it, the weather is nice."


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Doc says "Blog software authors are the Gutenbergs of our day. Take one to lunch."

I'm doing better than that. I'm taking one to see Spider-man tonight.

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