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Daily Permalink Thursday, May 09, 2002

Hello from the WWW.
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The IRC folks are chatting from the audience live. So, you can particpate here with us. You'll need an IRC chat client.
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Here's the slides for my talk here at the WWW conference. Intimidating. Bebo White and Dan Gillmor just walked in. Bebo played a part in the first Web site in the US.
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Oh, yes. Google has a translation set of applications too. How many more months will Alta Vista survive?
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Hey, reading French translated to English is interesting. Visit and then enter Karl's URL below. It'll translate his French into somewhat readable English.

Do you remember the day when AltaVista looked like it was going to dominate the Web? Man, they gave away their market, didn't they? I wonder if Google has a translator. I bet they do. I'm off to look.

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Hey, Karl is weblogging the conference in French. I wonder what French people say when they swear "excuse my American?"
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David Singer is weblogging an entire track at the WWW conference. He's the track chair, so has a unique view on things happening there.
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On Tuesday afternoon I visited the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. 1,100 people dead, most of them were about 19 years old.

What a solemn place.

I felt I might have the same kinds of feelings this morning as I prepared to visit a session given by Netscape about its latest browser.

One difference, though. Netscape isn't dead. They've done a lot of great work on standards. They've convinced me to try out the latest Mozilla browser.

They didn't really announce anything here, but since I haven't paid attention for a few months, it was good to get up to speed. Now they are talking about XML and SOAP.

Hey, cool. The speaker is showing how he used Google to check his spelling in a form via a SOAP envelope from the Mozilla browser. I wonder if his code will run in IE. I'll have to try that when he publishes his slides.

Back to Pearl Harbor. It's really weird to finally visit this place that I had heard about all my life. There's a museum that has a film that discusses how the war happened and why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. In the museum is a number of artifacts from the attack, including an actual Japanese torpedo.

The memorial is located over the Arizona. Oil is still leaking out of the ship after spending 60 years on the bottom. It's a sad place. It's a place ou must visit if you come to Hawaii. So many lives were changed on that day.

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Got a digital camera? Check out this new company (Imdivisual) that lets you do cool things with your images.
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