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Daily Permalink Wednesday, May 22, 2002

More boring personal stuff. Dinner tonight? Rigatoni. Yes, Scoble can cook! Well, pasta anyway.

Ain't it ironic? By kicking me outta the house my ex got me to do what she couldn't in 10 previous years of pleading and, well you know.

Hey, guess what? I take out the trash without anyone telling me too! Oh, and yeah, Aaron, I control my own money again.

A question: is my weblog too depressing? I heard someone say that. Oh, don't worry, I ain't depressed. Going through radical change is difficult, though.

Anyone else out there going through rough life changes? Someday I'll write a book. Not a prissy little one either. But, that's a future life. Right now I'm enjoying my pasta.

Wait till I get a BBQ!

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The West Wing tonight was gripping. I need Tivo, though. I was switching back and forth to the Mark Twain special on PBS.

You know, I often count myself lucky to have my son in my life. Tonight we were just hanging out on the couch watching TV when Patrick turned to me and said "I love you dad."

Would I trade that for any lottery winning? No, I wouldn't. Priceless.

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If you're a conference planner, you should check out Doug Fox's EventWeb. It has been ahead of the curve many times over my career and is again when it comes to weblogging.

Doug Fox, editor of "EventWeb -- News and Analysis for the Meeting Industry" has been watching the weblogging trend for quite a while too. Here's his reports:

March 22: Conference Blogging. February 22: Blended Blogging. (Doug interviewed me).

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Oh, the accordion geek calls me "Darth Scoble." My son loves that. He's a Star Wars freak, what else would you expect?
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This article scares the bejeebers out of me about our food quality.

I'd love to help webloggers run a similar sting on Bay Area supermarkets. Anyone want to work on such a project? I figure we'll need a month or two and we'll be able to similarly nail our local super markets.

I'm up for doing the work on this. Anyone else?

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Hey Dave is talking about conferences and weblogging.

Guess what Dave: Pop!Tech will be that conference.

Last year they had 802.11 for everyone. Last year they broadcast the entire show in streaming video format. There were several bloggers in attendance (including Dan Gillmor and me -- Dan, by the way, says it's his favorite conference of the year).

This year they've asked Buzz Bruggeman and me to come up with a plan. A plan for getting weblogs used everywhere at the conference. A plan for using the wireless in new ways. A plan for building on this year's theme of "Artificial Worlds."

First on the list? Power strips. Last year I brought my own and my own extension cable. This year there'll be more. Of course there'll be wireless. Of course there'll be streaming video. Of course there'll be an official conference weblog that'll link to everyone's efforts.

Last year we blogged and took pictures.

This year? We wanna do a lot more.

But, this Pop!Tech is in October, so lots of time to reveal what we'll be doing.

One secret about Pop!Tech: I'm going just for the audience -- the sessions sound sorta ambiguous, just like last year. The audience is what makes this show, and sorry, you can't have dinner with some very smart people unless you come (last year I had dinner with Buzz and the president of the ACLU, try to beat that with your streaming video experience at home!). Did I mention that John Sculley and Bob Metcalfe served us ice cream last year?

Here's my Pop!Tech weblog from last year:

Here's the official Pop!Tech Web site:

BTW: the WWW conference in Hawaii had an IRC channel running. I loved it cause it told me what sessions to go to.

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