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Daily Permalink Friday, May 17, 2002

Eric Chmielewski nails it with "top 10 things we want to hear Samuel L. Jackson, JediMaster Mace Windu, say in the Star Wars Prequel."

Society has passed Lucas by. In 1977 it was taboo in society to say "fuck." Today that word has been on network TV (well, OK, it took a terrorist action against the World Trade Center to get it past the censors) but it's a legitimate word, especially when your mother dies in your arms.

Star Wars just is too clean. Too missing of emotion. Too cartoony. I liked the older model-based movies better. They seemed bigger than life. The latest two movies seem artificial and my mind has a hard time suspending disbelief and really getting into the movie. It's like I'm watching a video game.

Look at the offices of the senators. They are too orderly. Ever been in a real senate office? I have. They aren't that clean and there's chaos, albeit orderly, going on.

But, Lucas needs to make it so that all the censorous religious folks will feel OK taking their kids to see the movie. To that, I say, what the fuck?

Oh, another thing? The spaceship engines just sound wrong. They sound like a 1950's badly-exhausted V8. OK, now, these things are ultramodern visually, but they sound like they were built poorly. Whoever does the sound design for the engines should be fired. You need something that sounds more modern. More like a jet engine.

Again, it adds up to the fact that you have to work to suspend your disbelief.

Add in the corny and wooden acting, and the lack of original music (which even my eight-year-old son noticed) and you can see why most of the professional critics panned this movie pretty badly.

Now, if you did some drugs before you saw this movie, I think it'd be a fun trip. The visuals are stunning, and whoever gets to create the set designs on the computer certainly has some fun and is creative. Give that team a raise.

But, I wish Lucas would go back and try to tell a story with some emotion and would stop geeking out on the technology so much and make his movies have enough elements that look real so that we can suspend our disbelief.

Yoda was cool and stupid at the same time. My son picked up on that too. Yoda's a badass, but it just looks fake enough that your suspension of disbelief gets turned off.

If you look at Star Wars as a cartoon, it succeeds. If you look at it as a movie, it fails (at least the latest two do).

Anyway, as an entertainment experience, it's worth the $10, but don't tell me this is a masterpiece or I'll get ill, OK?

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